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splaisSeptember 3, 2013

I am 70 years old and in excellent health. I live alone in Arizona and own my home free and clear. I am contimplating the need and wish to relocate 2000 miles to Mississippi where my only remaining family (son) lives. I have been looking into the idea of purchasing a second home in Mississippi with the eventual intent of relocating permanently. Initially, for the next few years, I would probably be spitting my time between AZ and MS. There is a chance my son and his family would also live in the MS home. It would be my intent to live in both places until I eventually need to move into a retirement home in MS. On the other hand, I am also considering just pulling up stakes and moving to MS

My question relates specifically to the issue of relocating and the cost to do so, depending on just what it is I would move across country. It occurs to me, overall it may actually be cheaper to not even try to move much of the small/cheaper stuff (furnishings, tools, some furniture, stc); but rather to sell it in a garage sale and buy new stuff for the new house. You can get great deals on things at the Goodwill, pawn shops, etc.

Has anyone gone through this and can comment? Thanks.

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Earlier this summer I moved my mom in the opposite direction: Alabama to Texas. She had a 3/2 garden home and was moving into a 2/2 apartment. There was a lot of downsizing and purging to do. But even after all that was done, and furniture that wouldn't work (DR table/chairs too big for the new space), or wasn't needed (screened porch seating) was jettisoned, there was still a good bit to move. And I'm basing my advice on a DIY move where you buy your own boxes and pack them yourselves.

We rented a 16' truck, and it was packed to the gills. We towed her Honda Fit behind the truck. We drove straight through, so no motel cost (18 of the longest hours of my life). I think the total cost of the truck, helpers to load and unload at each end, and the gas was less than $2,000. We probably spent $150-200 or so on boxes and packing materials. Add my plane ticket back home and some meals and you're still around $2,500.

You just have to decide how much hassle you want to endure at how much cost. You WILL have some things you'll have to move: clothing, kitchen items, personal things, furniture you want to keep, etc. So it's not as though you can avoid moving costs entirely. You just have to decide if the extra, say, $1,000 to rent, fuel and load/unload a larger truck is worth it to eliminate the hassle of selling old stuff and then buying new old stuff at the other end.

My mom got rid of all her outdoor tools and gardening stuff, because she's out of the "house" business now. But you're moving to another house. While it may be tempting to just leave all that stuff behind, replacing a rake here and a lopper there can add up.

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We have a condo in Florida, but we live in New York State. I have no plans to ever take any furnishing from up here down to Florida. I don't see it as cost effective as we never plan to retire to Florida. When we had a second place in Utah, we didn't move anything from here to there either. For me, half the fun is buying something that "fits" in the new region that is completely different from what "fits" here.

We have duplicates of all personal goods in both spots. The only thing we ever pack and take with us when we go from one place to the other is medicines and enough clothing for the trip (we drive to Florida).

Now in your case, if you definitely plan to move to Mississippi I would move things that had great sentimental value, were antiques, or are something you "have to have" that isn't readily available in Mississippi (in the day and age of internet buying, I can't imagine what that would be, but you never know).

Depending on your health and financial status, you can have movers come in, package what you want to take to your second house and deliver it to Mississippi for you. If you son can take delivery, so much the better. You won't have to be there when your goods arrive.

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We did something similar from CA to ND and now after 10 years in ND still getting rid of stuff we have never used and because I just lost my husband am getting rid of that also that he never used.
Some things to think about--how long has your son lived in MS--and how long will he be there.? What about your friends? Medical? etc You might list the reasons why you want to move or don't
I do miss my friends and some relatives in CA and really miss the food.

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just went through this. We moved 10 hours north and before we moved we sold or otherwise disposed of everything we didn't love or value. We ended up renting one panel truck and moving the things we thought we couldn't live without; rented from Uhaul so we could pick up the truck, load it, and drop it off at the new home's location and not have to make another trip back with it. Worked fine. Everything else is being replaced or exchanged through good finds on Craigslist, goodwill, etc etc. I think we could have disposed of 2x as much, and if we were to have to do it over, that would be my plan. Hopefully we are in our forever home at this point, and the subject will not come up again! Best wishes.

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I'm close to North Mississippi, and another forum member, hollysprings, is in North Mississippi. If you're thinking of that general location, perhaps I can help with more market specific questions if you like.

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