Boxed out windows questions

MabiesMarch 20, 2011

Hi, we will be starting construction soon on our kitchen/DR remodel... wish I had found this site months ago!

We have a smallish house (1600 sf), 1920's 2 story. We are planning on bumping out 2' in the back. The kitchen will be opened up/widened by about 2', taking some of the DR space. There will be a penninsula with an upcounter between the DR and kitchen. Will have a framed opening between the two rooms.

One of the things we are currently considering is including box out windows in two locations:

one, in the kitchen, for our south facing windows to provide a ledge to grow herb or small flowers. I'm looking for photos/thoughts on: height of the sill, depth of the sill, types of sill (match the soapstone counters? natural wood to match our cabinets (we will have white painted trim and cherry wood cabinets.

two, in the dining room, for the two north facing windows. We are very close to the lot line, and could only get approval to extend 10" (we are on the end of the block, so this window looks out onto our neighbor's back yards)... Is there any way this 10" could be used as a window seat for the DR table? seems too small to me, but it would help as then we could move the DR table closer to the window. Right now there is about 3' between the DR table and the edge of the penninsula upcounter).

Thanks for any thoughts!

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"height of the sill, depth of the sill, types of sill (match the soapstone counters?"

Your height will determine if you can reach products placed upon the sill.

Hard surface materials can become a heat-sink.

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I'm planning a 2' bump out for seating in the dining room, but I'm using it as a window seat with book shelves. The first picture is the farmhouse from Sarah Richardson's remodel and the second is my inspiration picture. I just love it...and although the leaded glass is beautiful, it's a little too fancy for my space.

If you only have 10", that's probably not enough for a window seat, which is usually 18" or even 24" for a banquette. Do you have a plan of your space? That might help answer your questions.

Here's the pictures :)

Oh, and I did find this smaller bay window seat...also very charming.

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First, search the kitchens forum for counter-depth windows. You'll find some good examples that, even if they aren't exactly what you plan, will give you good ideas.

Here's an example:

Second, regarding your window seat--yes, you can do it. But the seat needs to be built out from the wall into the room. It can't be completely recessed into the window with only 10" there.

For dining, I'd think you also need at least some kind of back on it.

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