Mitered Countertop Edge Install Question

pton57April 21, 2013

Where does a countertop with a mitered edge rest on the front of the cabinet when it is installed -- is it A or B (see below). I am guessing A, and would be happily surprised if it is not.

We are considering having the mitered edge to give our countertop a thicker look, but our cabinets are already built and there is no room above the drawer to accommodate the extra vertical element of the countertop that the mitered edge delivers if A is the answer.

I was wondering whether running some stripping along the cabinet top in front (on top of A) so that the countertop rests on that (thereby raising the vertical dropdown and giving clearance to the drawers) might be an option.

Would really appreciate any opinions on that approach (or any other solution to this issue).

Thanks in advance.

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Sophie Wheeler

You use build up strips of plywood on top of the cabinet boxes to achieve B. Just like laminate counters are done.

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You want your counter top flush with your cabinet box? (Falling behind your door/drawer faces if you don't have inset).

I thought that lip fit over the cabinet face not on top of it.

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Sophie Wheeler

The lip should never be in front of the top cabinet rail. That will make the cabinets look like that top rail is short if you cover part of it. You always use build up with a built up counter. That goes for laminate, or any mitered stone counter. The buildup strips on top of the cabinet edges support the counter. Or, if you are having custom cabinets made, you can do an extra tall top rail to all of the cabinets so that looks even for all of the rails.

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Sophie Wheeler

Custom cabinet with extra wide top rail

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Thank you all for your input. We do have custom cabs, but the mitered edge consideration came up after they were completed, hence my question. I am glad to hear that applying stripping to the tops of the cabinets is an option, as if we do this that will be the direction we go.

Thanks again.

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