how does a double door work / make a double door?

andrelaplume2March 19, 2009

I am trying to best determine the types of doors for a new closet area in the basement. There is a 6' section, a small partition and a 2' section. I like the idea of sliders but could not come up with a decent looking way to may the 2' door slide 'thru' the partition to the other side. Bifolds will work but the kids are kind of rough on them. It was suggested I put a 24" framed interior door in the 2' section and a double 36" door in the other section.

I looked and double doors are way out of my budget. The neighbor says to buy to 36" framed hollow core doors (in my budget), remove the jams on one side, but them together and hang to make my own double door. Sound simple enough but personally, I have never seen a double door and do not even know how they what keeps them closed since there is nothing between them for the door knobs to latch into.

How do double doors work and what would be involved in trying to convert two singles to a double...?


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We have a double patio door that opens from the center. One door is held closed with sliding pins at the top and bottem. The door in daily use has the standard door knob/latch that hooks into the stationary door.

If you do this you can just buy the doors without the jams and make your own. I've done that a number of times because a standard jam doesn't work in older houses.

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sounds simple but since its a closet each door will be used equally and I know I will get complaints with constantly opening the sliding pin...doubt the kids could even reach it....ubless there is another way...ideas anyone....

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Since this is for a closet all you'll need to close the doors are ball catch/latches. The strike plate goes on the top frame and the ball attaches to the door. Dummy handles are then attached to the door.

If you're a novice DIY'er, I wouldn't recommend trying to hang doors as your neighbor suggested. You'd be much better off buying the double doors with a jamb (you can buy them hollow vs solid) and the price shouldn't be much, if any, more. It will definitely be less work.
Measure the door openings carefully and allow room for shimming when you're determining the size doors you'll really need.

I also suggest you go to a store that specializes in doors since you'll have more selection and probably better prices than the big box stores. We've purchased doors recently and the door supplier beat HD both in price and delivery time.

Here is a link that might be useful: ball catch

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andrelaplume2 you sort of just give a tug and they open right? Only one per door at the top?

It does not sound so hard to install and I may have help...just need to decide if I want the door to swing 36" into the room.


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Oh yea..I was not hanging the doors from scratch. He suggested buying the prehung doors and just removing the center jams. Mount the now 2 sided frames into my opening and I guess install the ball jams you show...

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andrelaplume2 - in case you still have a question on ball catches - we have them on all our double closet doors. I love them. They are easy to open (our cats can actually pull on the bottom of the door and it pops open) and they catch easy with just a push on the door.

We are remodelling right now and my pantry was shortened and my double doors are now in the dumpster :(. It will not be easy getting used to a regular door knob/latch on our new single door.

Good Luck. I think you'll really like them!

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Why would a pair of doors in one frame be more expensive than two single leaf doors in individual frames? You should try shopping around a bit more.

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because they are special ordered....decided to go with 2 sliders and a framed 24" door.

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