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loisflanSeptember 17, 2012

My daughter and I will be leaving for Italy on 9/27. We've talked about this trip for at least 20 years, and I figured we'd better do it while I'm still able. We took a refresher Italian course this summer, and while we're in Florence, we're taking a Tuscan cooking class. We'll also spend time in Rome. Our heritage is Italian, so this is quite special for us. I've been lucky enough to have gone to Italy several times, but she has only seen Venice.

Kate, if I win the September lotto, don't be surprised if I don't respond. I'll be sipping wine and eating pasta under the Tuscan sun, or moon, as the case may be. Ciao.

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That sounds like such a fun trip. I do hope you enjoy it immensely! I wonder what kind of quilts they make in Italy?

Best to you,

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Ooh, I'm jealous! We did a Mediterranean cruise in 2008 for our 25th anniversary and we stopped in Sicily, Amalfi, Florence, Pisa and Rome (among other places). I really want to go back and see more of Italy.

My Italian consists mostly of musical terms, but I was surprised how much we understood.

Have a WONDERFUL time!


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Have a fantastic trip. Sounds like you'll be a great guide too. Hope to get there some day.

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Have a great trip and have fun cooking! I'll hold any lotto winnings for you until you are ready for them.

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Enjoy---that says it all.

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Hope you have a wonderful trip and make great memories.

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Have loads of fun and enjoy the cooking class. My brother and his girlfriend spent quite a bit of time traveling all over Italy last Spring taking over a thousand pictures. He ended up having a book printed of only about 200 but it shows their trip from beginning to end.....a lot of the country and hillside, people hanging out of windows, laundry drying and their way of life and travel. It was awesome just looking at the pictures! (He said he ate Margherita Pizza whenever he had a chance!)


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Have a fabulous time! We went to Italy in 2008 and I am ready to go back! Florence is lovely, Rome is incredible. Enjoy the time with your daughter!


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