Can you work with a microwave in your face?

socalsisterApril 4, 2013

Need to place microwave in small kitchen. I am not investing much in a microwave and don't want it on display. I only have one upper where it will fit (sort of). I will have 30 inch deep counters and am debating what size upper will accomodate the most microwaves and still enable me to work on the counter below (it will be next to my sink). I currently have a microwave that requires a 20 inch deep cabinet. That just seems massively big to me (the cabinet would only be 30 inches wide). DH thinks we should go with a 17 inch deep cabinet (I've been trying to find a reasonable microwave to fit those specs but haven't had much luck.) How far out can a cabinet stick out and still provide room to work comfortably?

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I have a little microwave in my office - a cheap 900W Emerson from Target (I think it was about $65). It works great for my use, which is heating up leftovers. The dimensions are 19" wide by 14-1/2" deep (not including handle) by 11-5/8" tall. The handle sticks out just under 2".

Lots of microwaves have a push button to open the door instead of a handle. I don't think you'd have much trouble finding a MW to fit on a shelf 15" deep.

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I have a ge spacemaker and it sits on a shelf less than 12" deep.

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I have a purpose-built microwave shelf in my kitchen, purchased as part of a RTA cabinet suite. The cabinet depth is only 12", like the rest of my uppers, but there is an extra deep shelf affixed to the bottom, probably 16", which allows a deeper microwave unit (even a cheapo one like I use) to be installed with required air clearances. I don't find it "in my face" when using the area, and it is so nice to have landing space on the counter below when I need it, which I never had when the MW lived directly on the counter in the old kitchen.

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