What you need to do to get your neighbor's house sold

nornsterSeptember 11, 2008

I was reading another board, and I thought the gardenwebbers would get a laugh out of this thread:


I've seen Sparksal post on that board, too, it has to be the same one as here - how many people could have that as her user name?

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I was smiling in anticipation before I ever opened this thread. That is too funny! Some people have a lot of nerve.

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That is unbelievably over the top. I never heard of such a thing..LOL

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Pretty funny . . .

On the other hand, the OP (of that thread) does have some interest in seeing the neighbor's house sell for a good price, at least if em wants to sell any time soon.

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I recently had to deal with the next door neighbor of a renatl property I own.

They called early in the morning when a tree fell in a thunderstorm across their driveway.
They seemed oblivious to the fact that the portion of the tree on their land was their problem.

I drove over and dragged the branch out of the way into the street.

That weekend I cut up the branch, and felled the rest of the tree (a 30 year old Bradford Pear).

I drilled the stump and applied herbicide since Bradford Pears are well know for sprouting from their roots.
The herbicide needs to be allowed time to travel out to the roots to make sure everything dies.

Neighbor has decided to sell their house, and hired a service to grind the stump on my property.
I drop by on Wednesday to check that the brush has been picked up to find the stump ground.

I have not bothered to do anything else to remove the small sprouts all over the place from the root system.
It looks pretty bad, and they have commented once.

I told them if they had not screwed around with someone else's property this would not have occurred, and if I caught them trespassing I would swear out a warrant.

The tenant's have told me they have been a royal PITA for a long time, and will be happy to see them depart.
They have a problem cleaning up after their dog.

I would send the RE agent an estimate for the requested work, with a cc to the broker.
Hopefully the agent has a short career.

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Wow! Some people are just plain weird aren't they? I recently had a nightmare about my neighbor coming out to stand in her driveway to stare at my potential buyers with crossed arms, firmly planted feet, a jutting chin and a mean glint in her eyes, but that was a *dream* . This poor woman had a living nightmare masquerading as a realtor!

(my neighbor wouldn't do anything like in my nightmare, but she does stay out in her garage, with the door up, all day until dark, no matter how hot or cold the weather - a nosey nellie)

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Yep, I'm the same sparksals from that board. There's another member from here that posts there, but she has a different name.

I missed that thread for some reason.

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Yup, I thought it must be you! You'll have to keep your eyes peeled for good cross-posts.

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