Incontinence: any advice, experience?

glenda_alMay 8, 2013

I'm 73 and think there's a problem!

Especially when I awake in the middle of the night and have a problem running to the "john".

I have read Mayo Clinc recommends certain exercises.

Hold and release method for 10 or more seconds while sitting at computer, driving, etc.

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Better be careful where and what you "release"!

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No experience yet, Glenda, but I've known much younger women than us who have had similar problems. I have heard that those exercises, done properly, are supposed to be quite effective. I have no idea how long it takes to know if they're working for you, though. I'd sure try it before opting for a prescription or any kind of medical procedure.

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Better get checked for a UTI first.

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You're talking about Kegel exercises, Glenda. You need to do at least 100 to get any benefit from it. Or that is what I have been told. I started doing them in my 20's and doubled my efforts when I was pregnant and going to Lamaze classes. I still do them. I used to do about 1000 a day. Nope....not incontinent. (They have other benefits as well.)

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Glenda, I heard a woman pharmacist telling a group of women once that if they had an incontinence problem that there are prescriptions for that if we ever need them.

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Estrogen cream (prescription) can help strengthen the tissues of the area in question. An extra large absorbent pad inside your undies at night can deal with "accidents."

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I had bladder surgery last fall, the uncomfortable sagging is gone, but I still have little accidents. I do the tightening exercises, but only when I think I won't make it to the potty, need to do them much more! My other problem is GAS, oh my. Check with your gyn doctor, Glenda. It ain't fun getting older!

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I don't know how to say this. I have this problem especially when I have a cold and have to sneeze and cough a lot. My friend who is a nurse told me to get some Ky jelly. I just bought the cheap Walmart brand. It is called Equate Personal Lubricant. You put some on your 3 middle fingers and Put it on there just like you are wiping after going to the bathroom. For me it really helps. I don't know how ofter you have to do this. I think it would depend on each person. I don't know why it works either.

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Gals, thank you for your advice and input.

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why not use a sanitary pad to catch the drips while you try to get to the john a temporay fix

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The first step is a visit to your doctor. There could be a medical reason. Good luck.

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I think that stress incontinence and incontinence in general comes with age. I've suffered from it for a long time but haven't tried the medication. I wear pads during allergy season when I cough and sneeze a lot, try to do the kegels and do a lot of laundry. As someone said, getting old isn't for wimps.

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There are at least 3 medications that work by paralizing your bladder. I would work on the kegels before I tried any of these.

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I have learned so much from having this fall 2 months ago. My therapist (for my shoulder, mind you) is absolutely the most informative person I have ever met. For the first time in my life, during this recovery period, I was having to get up at night and HER explaination was (in nutshell) I was not walking.... and walking strenghtens that "sling" where your bladder rests. She showed me some floor exercises where you open and close your legs and lift your pelvis. (kinda reminiscent of the "old days" lol). I am happy to report that just getting on my feet.... knees gel'ed up... and LEARNING to walk again has stopped those nightly rush visits. She also had a theory about my loss of balance.... that I (might) have given it up myself, by using my walker (13 years) as a support for my painful spine condition; and since my surgery I had not re-learned to use my back as support and the walker as a safety 'catcher' so to speak. Today, I am spending my mornings sans walker...practicing using the swinging of my arms to balance my stride. Every day I get better. I have had the best therapists here doing strenghtening exercises twice a week.... but finding out "what our body just knows about walking" and how I 'gave it away has been a real eye opener. I am still a work in progress.... but I hope to be able to "stride" around the block someday.

Sorry this is so long.

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Glenda, there was a lengthy discussion of this on the KT four years ago. I found it quite helpful. Here's a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Incontinence May 2009

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Thanks kathleen for sharing the link, which I read.

My problem is worse, when I'm sleeping and have to rush to the "john".

During the day, not so bad!

I am practicing the Kegel method, and will see if it helps.

Gotta make myself remember it when sitting at the pc, driving, watching tv.

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