Photoshop help requested--adding portico

eks6426March 23, 2011

I have a previous post about adding a portico to the front of my house. My husband and I went for a drive yesterday and we found a portico style we think could work on our house. I was hoping someone here might have the skills and willingness to do a photoshop pic of my house with the portico we like.

My house isn't as grand as my portico inspiration so I would likely need to have 1 post on each side instead of 2....

Here's my house:

Here is the portico we liked:

Thank you!

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Oops, I replied to your other post before seeing this. Sorry I can't help with PS.

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yes, I can do it for you. email me the pictures. the quality of your pictures will in some way determine the qulaity of the photoshop job. Very small size photos, from a resolution standpoint will have some limitations, but it should be fine.


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It would help if you had a daylight photo of the portico that showed as much of the columns as possible, but even if not I will work with whatever you email me.


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this is a 5 minute edit. will be glad to spend a half hour or so on it if you need proper colors, lighting, making sure all is straight and level, etc.

just tell me what you want it to look like (trim colors, wider columns, etc.)

Just let me know


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