HELP -bathroom remodel color problem...

pethia1499March 5, 2013

Bathroom was built in 80s and we have a fiberglass yellow tub, yellow toilet and yellow sink in dark oak vanity. Time to update the bathroom a bit. Walls are off white and we are going to put down a grey tile floor. Not wanting to get into pulling the almost new looking yellow tub, my wife wants to change the vanity to a light color (off white) with a granite countertop. Our question is related to the sink: Would it look terrible if we installed either a white or stainless under the granite sink while retaining the yellow toilet and tub? Puzzled....Thoughts appreciated....

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A nice tub costs around $400. A nice toilet can be had for $250. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish here in your renovations.

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Gray and yellow are a popular combination today, but probably not in 5 yrs. So, it will work, though really think about it.

And, as for the sink, yes, by all means change it out. Even if you leave the tub, the tub can be replaced later as needed/desired. But, if you are putting in a nice new vanity, don't require that to be updated again later.

And, get a new toilet. You'll love the water savings.

(I'd do white for both sink and toilet).

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I'd like to see a picture. It sounds interesting. I think the white would look great with the yellow. Black accents might be fun too. I'd keep the toilet, though, so that the tub doesn't get lonely.

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Bridget Helm

pic would help. what kind of yellow are we talking about here?? white marble counter, with gray tile and backsplash would be best with yellow, but i'd go ahead and get a new tub, toilet, and sink.

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We have matching (almost) green tub, sink and toilet and decided to keep the set b/c I didn't want to mix colors. Instead we're doing a black, white and green art deco kind of thingy in our 1920s house. I'd change all or none.

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Do the vanity like you really want it now (don't think I'd do SS ). Then consider having the tub refinished to a color that matches new toilet and sink.

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You can buy a nice soak worthy tub for $249 and a high efficiency toilet for $99 at Lowes. I just did this myself. Rather than buy things to coordinate with a color that you don't really love, I'd replace the yellow tub and toilet first. Here are links... Good luck to you! :)

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My Mom has a gold fiberglass shower in her bathroom (built in 1977). When she changed the color scheme, she hung a cream-colored fabric curtain over the shower, which completely conceals it, unless you are actively getting in or out. Could you do the same with your tub?

I wouldn't put a stainless sink in a bathroom. Toilets are fairly easy to replace, and don't have to be expensive.

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The factor that often gets left out in these discussions is really the labor. If you use a $200 painted steel alcove tub or a $4000 cast iron alcove tub the labor to replace them in a tiled alcove is approximately the same, and requires demolition of the alcove to do it.

So it's all well and good to say a new tub is inexpensive, so get rid of the yellow, but the tub isn't where the money is, unless it's all DIY.

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Exactly - tub replacement can get expensive, it's not just the cost of the tub but the plumbing, damage to the walls and possibly floor. You can get them professionally "refinished" (painted with 2-part epoxy) which I hear if you get a reputable company lasts quite a long time.

I would definitely do a white sink and then down the line try to change the toilet and possibly refinish the tub to white, but the sink doesn't have to match the tub.

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