if we replace subfloor....

elizawhyzaMarch 8, 2012

We are thinking about removing the 1/2" plywood subfloor and replacing it with 3/4" t&g, or advantech. Does subflooring rest on sill plates, and if so, would there be room to fit the extra 1/4"? If we were to add to what is there, would we then just bring the new stuff to the edge of the plates? It would seem less strong that way, but I guess if screwed to the floor joists, it would still be pretty solid.

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Two schools of thought on that situation.

Yes, most subflooring is installed on the floor joists before walls are built.

I've seen tow different ways to do what you want. The biggest problem is how far from the walls the old subfloor can be removed. That is usually 1&3/4"----the width of the short side of the show(plate) of a circular saw.

One way is to just cut out as much of the old as close to the walls as possible and add the new up to the drywall/wall treatment---adding support blocking where necessary along the two walls parallel to the floor joists. Folks who do it that way say there is no need to add blocking on the walls between the joists because the 3/4" material can support the minimal loads flooring has on the edges.

I don't particularly like that way.

I add blocking(support) completely around the perimeter, simply because it is the better way and it helps eliminate air leaks between the sub floor and what in below that. Much more involved, but doing it right the first time takes less time/money than doing it twice.

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