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done_againSeptember 19, 2012

I'm looking for opinions on a real estate agent's availability. This is an agent we used before, had a good experience, and want to do so again. We are exploring the option of listing our house but not in a rush to do it although the sooner the better. Is it unrealistic for a full time agent that's not top 10 in the area to not have availability for over a week out? I realize there could be other conflicts on her side such as time off, family, etc. I don't expect her to rush over the second I call but figured she would have time within a couple of days at the most.

Appreciate any thoughts on this topic.

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Do you mean you called her and have not gotten a return call for over a week?
I would call again, when you reach her find out why no return call. Make your decision.
Unless there is some dire emergency, I would expect a return call by the next day, agent's jobs depend on easy access, if the one you're contemplating doesn't give that, move on.
Call others, check out their availability.

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I read this as they called her and reached her but she was not able to meet with them for a week.

I would have to ask, are you only available after work hours or are you available to meet with her during the day.

If you need something in the evenings, I dont think its unreasonable for her to give you an appointment one week out. There may be other things going on after hours that she has to make arrangements for, like babysitters?

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Yes, I think you are correct,Linda, I do think an agent should schedule an appointment sooner than a week, unless my time window is limited.

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Assuming that you are flexible regarding scheduling, I would be upset with an agent that couldn't find time to see me in a timely manner.
The way they treat you is the way they will treat prospective buyers- if they don't return phone calls immediately and are hard to pin down now what makes you think that they will change their tune when dealing with buyers?

It is so hard to sell houses now- I want an agent with hustle and energy and who is on the ball in every way. I want someone motivated to sell houses- someone out there making deals happen, not waiting for a contract to fall into their lap.

Sure, they aren't 24/7 automatons, but I want it to feel that way. Returning phone calls asap is crucial for me- communication needs to be happening and with everyone having a cell attached to their hands there is no excuse for lack of a phone call. Meetings can be arranged- how hard is it to meet for 15 minutes somewhere? Meet up in a diner or sit in a car in a parking lot if you have to.

If they drop the ball in one area I think chances are very good that they will also drop it in other situations.
Again- I get time off and family and all the other reasons people aren't available at a moments notice.
But I need to feel as if my agent is working for me in an active manner. If I don't get that feeling believe me there are 100 others out there who will go that extra mile and be on time while doing so.
Or call to let me know the reason why.

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You are getting this type of response from her when you are not even her client, wait until she gets your listing.

It shows that she does not have adequate back up system when there is conflict/crisis in her life.

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"Sure, they aren't 24/7 automatons, but I want it to feel that way."
My thoughts exactly. That's one of many reasons why I'm not a realtor.

The agent did call back right away but was very limited in her available times. We have some scheduling issues too but are pretty flexible overall (day, evening, weekend). She lives in the area, sold us the house, and doesn't have to spend a lot of time with us during the listing appointment. Kids/babysitting came up when we bought with her last time. Otherwise, we were very happy and had no issues.

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Did you actually tell her you are not in a rush to list? If so, it sounds perfectly reasonable to me that she would try to schedule a week out, if that gives her a larger block of time to spend with you without her having to make a lot of extra arrangements (you mentioned childcare). She would probably like time with you to go through the house and see the updates you've made, as well as review comps with you, and make suggestions to help it sell at the best price.

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