Celtic Trinity quilt a long

rosajoe_gwSeptember 20, 2011

This is one of the quilts that I had planned and forgot I had saved the instructions lol!!!! I sew 2&1/2 squares together for header and enders. Mine are usually enders 'cause I just leave them under the needle.

She refers to the colors as 'cords' and she uses 3 colors and a background.

I am using 2&12x2&1/2 and making mine scrappy. Her blogs are interesting for those of us interested in blogs.


Here is a link that might be useful: CelticQuiltAlong

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That looks neat!!!

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That is so pretty! Something else to add to my "I need to do this!" list. :)

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I find the quilt interesting but have a hard time understanding her charts. Am I missing something?

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I had trouble, too, until I went back to the start of the thread and she explained her charts. Each square is whatever size you'd like to make, and the letters are the colors. Blank was white, P is purple, B is black, G is green. After realizing that, it got a bit easier.

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I saw where there were quite a few mistakes that had to be corrected. I suggest to those of you wanting to do this, get out your graph paper and using the picture and her concept/design, make your own pattern directions. I get discouraged very quickly when there are mistakes made.....even when the pattern is free. @:(


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She calls them 'chunks' and there are about 21 of them. She did go back and make the corrections and she gives a pic of what the finished 'chunk' should look like.

I copied all of the charts and posted the pic under it to check and make sure the chart is correct. She has several that there will only be 9 units (for example) and the chart was made for 11. I just compared it with the pic and made a new chart.

Since mine is scrappy the only part that really concerns me is the white squares. I also may combine some of the white squares depending on how many scrapy whites I have.

I am like Sharon about the mistakes and I have run into quite a few on patterns.

This an older pattern and it looks like she had a good number of people joining in and they helped her correct the charts.

It makes a gorgeous quilt!!!!!!!!

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That was what I saw and wondered if I was seeing it wrong or if there were mistakes. Thanks for seeing what I saw.
I like the quilt but not sure it is worth the effort.

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