Moving Into New Home - Clean Carpets Before or After

gilmoregalSeptember 1, 2009

When moving into a previously-occupied home, when is the better time to have the carpets cleaned - after the sellers move out and the home is completely empty, or after the movers have moved in the buyer's furniture (and possibly soiled the carpet in the process)? Would it be best to clean the carpets when empty, let dry completely, then put down plastic runners in the high traffic areas before the move-in begins? Thanks for your suggestions.

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Definitely have the carpet cleaned before you move in, when it's empty. Like what you said, you can use runners on high-traffic areas.

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Our movers provided their own runners for when they moved the furniture in. It was very appreciated since we cleaned the carpets before we moved in.

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totally agree that before you move in is best time for cleaning carpets
and for exterminator's visit
and for chimney cleaning if not done by sellers
and really for any painting that you want to have done and can afford to

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