Anyone out there with old but good memories?

ritaweedaSeptember 15, 2012

This is driving me nuts. Way back in the mid-70's there was a sewing show on PBS, this lady sewed clothes mostly. She was very soft-spoken, a very soothing voice. In fact, I would plant my one-year-old son in front of the TV in his little chair to watch it and within 2 minutes he would be sound asleep for his a.m. nap!!! And me along with him! LOL!!! I can't remember her name or the name of the show to save me, and it wasn't Nancy Zieman. Does anyone out there know what I'm talking about?? I wanted to know to see if she is still out there doing videos or anything. Just to listen and wind down in times of stress.

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I think I know the one but can't put a name to her.

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Sorry, it wasn't Shirley Adams - I remember her too, now that you mention her. But this other lady was way before her even. Oh well, but thanks for trying.

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Sandra Powers?? think that was her name.I went to one of her seminars wayyyyyyyyyy back then.

Nope think it was Sandra Betzina (sp)

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Georgia Bonesteel? But I think she did mostly quilts

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It wasn't either one of these. Oh, well, I guess I'm older than all of you.

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By the mid 70's, my youngest was 10 and I was so involved in 3 different schools, baking bread, canning, cleaning the house, church responsibilities, Blue Birds, etc there was no time for TV.....let alone much of anything else. (I deserve my retirement!)


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Rita, I wonder if it was a local PBS show. When I was a kid we watched Romper Room on PBS and I've learned that while Romper Room was a national show, the hosts were local.

I tried Googling and came up with the same ladies who have been mentioned. That's what made me thing it might have been a local host.


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In Canada, we had a woman named Madame DeBello, who did a sewing show on garment construction. I doubt that is the one you are looking for unless PBS picked up the show or you were able to pick up a Cdn. station.

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Funny. Don't know from way back when. But, the Fons and Porter show often puts me to sleep. I record it because I often miss how it all turned out.

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How about Sewing with Nancy,or Clothilde.Nancy a lot of times had another lady with her who's name was Gail ?They made gorgeous clothes.

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I too was thinking of Sewing with Nancy, my mom used to plant me in front of her, Betty Fezier WOW, wish my memory was still that good lol.

YES, I really DO remember stuff from way back then, my first word was Spartanburg, WHY? Because mama watched channel 7 and when the announcer came on I liked how he said WSOC Spartanburg and I remember thinking I can say that and I did lol...mama was so mad because THAT was my first word, not mama or daddy and albeit I am sure it wasn't all that clear it was understandable enough for it to be understood lol.

SORRY for the ramblings, I saw memory lane and ran down it hehe....

:) Aqua

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Betty Feezor was local to Charlotte NC TV, so living in Salisbury we were able to watch her. She made a recipe I sent in to her on one show! I was thrilled! Ha! I think she included all homemaking arts on her shows, but I remember the cooking segments more.


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None of these are the one, maybe I was hallucinating?

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FlamingO in AR

Is the PBS station in that area still in business? If so, you could call them and I'm sure they would have a record of the shows they presented to their viewers. Good luck!

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