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rosajoe_gwSeptember 7, 2011

I forget to make labels for my quilts when I give them as gifts! AND I have never labeled any of the ones that I keep.

The only label I have made was an embroidered one when I repaired the much loved quilt my then 12yo DGD made.

I like the idea of making a smaller block and using that as a label on the back. If it was sewn in the corner it could be sort of appliqued on with out too much trouble.

I plan to make labels with the block names or pattern name, date, etc. (if I can remember them lol) and sew onto my quilts this winter.

Do you make labels and what kind of labels do you prefer?


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I make labels but sometimes long after I've made the quilt. I recognize the need for labels to aid my survivors one day but I am so bad about the follow-through part.

I print a hand written label on white fabric using a pigma pen. I applique it onto the back. I sewed one as part of the backing one time making it a triangle in the corner and that worked well, too. I've also slipped my name on the back under the hanging sleeve when putting a quilt in a show as they can be stolen and labels snipped off.

I include name, date, location, pattern and if applicable, who I made it for and the occasion. If there is special historical information of value, I include that, such as "made for Mary Jo with blocks found in her mother's estate", etc.

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I usually add a label for each quilt that I make as a gift or sell if the customer wants a label. Most of my quilts have more than one block pattern in the design so I don't add the name of the block.

The last label I made had the birthday boy's name and the date of his birthday, my sister's name as the giver, and my name as the quilter. Another time a mom wanted me to add a favorite bible verse to her daughter's quilt. I usually use plain muslin or white fabrics which I write on with Pigma pens. Sometimes I will frame the label in fabrics used in the quilt. Sometimes I will draw simple decorations on the label with colored Pigma Pens. I have a great book for labels by Kim Churbuck.....but I often forget to get it out and use it.


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I'm kind of a label addict. I like to make them interesting and a creative part of the process. I used to make them about 4"x4" so they would be large enough to include a scrap of each fabric in the quilt. That way repairs could be made over the years! I haven't done that for a while but I still think it's a good idea.


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I make labels for gift quilts, sometimes "jazzing" them up with a photo of the quilt or some embroidery. For my niece's college graduation quilt I forked over $3 for a digitized version of the school logo (TCU) and embroidered it on the label along with her name and graduation date.

For quilts I keep I print a label on printable fabric with the name of the quilt and my name, address & phone number along with the month & year of completion. That way they are ready to enter in our biannual quilt show when the time comes and I can remember if they are in the right time period for the show entries! LOL


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I have always done labels of one sort or another. Until recently when I've gotten lazy. Some of the ones for me recently haven't gotten them yet.

If I give one as a gift I always do a label, even if it's just hand written with pigma pens.

My trick if I'm using pens/handwriting is to create the text on the ccomputer and print it out. Then I place my fabric on top if it and tape it to the sliding glass door and use that as my light box. I can then trace the nice handwriting/font (my handwriting stinks) and it's not as sloppy.

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I try to use a label on quilts which are gifts. Done in the printer on fabric I have treated with Bubble Jet. They usually say, to?? ,with the date and love from Nanny and then my name. On the last wedding quilt, I copied a jpeg of wedding bells, found on Google, placed that on the label and then the info.
Haven't figured out how to incorporate them into the binding on the back. Next time!!!


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I usually try to remember to put a label on gift quilts - usually put who it is for, made by, and the date. I've used pigma pens but don't like my writing and maybe I'm using the wrong fabric but they seem to bleed. What am I doing wrong???? I usually end up programming my machine with the info & embroider the label info on.
I bought Bubble Jet set and tried to put the treated fabric ironed onto freezer paper through my printer only to have it jam (3 times). Maybe my printer isn't compatible?? What kind of printer do you have Theresa? I have an HP6310 officejet.

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Teresa, all you do is place the label in a corner of the quilt and I always baste around my quilt before I do the binding. Then you will only have the top (or bottom) and a side to sew down.

Sue I have the same problem with the pigma pens, mine always looks really sloppy. But I have a HP PSC2210 printer and it prints the fabric sheets very well. I have never tried putting the freezer paper thru but it may not be stiff enough.

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When putting fabric on freezer paper through the printer, try this.

Treat your fabric and iron to the freezer paper. THEN cut it to size. It may be that your edges aren't adhered well enough for the printer. Chances are they edges would be better if cut from the center.

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I have always labeled my quilts one way or another. When I first began I wrote directly onto the quilt back corner with Pigma pens, now I make a lable or use a boughten one. I have fused or appliqued by hand.
On the left corner of the quilt I always write my full name with pigma pen. I always iron over the writing and haven't noticed it bleeding.
I usually sign with: made with love by Jayne; date
If it is for someone special I add: for such and such
If it is quilted by someone else I include their name.
I think the way some do it by making pocket with information and pieces of fabric is a nice idea but have never done it.

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Doing the last label did give me some grief. I tried using the freezer paper trick but for some reason this time, the fabric kept peeling off going through the printer (an Epson 4800). I was getting very frustrated. Finally, I took a regular sheet of typing paper, used basting spray and adhered the label fabric. IT WORKED!!!!

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