Slowly but steadily......

teresa_nc7September 5, 2011

I'm making headway in my sewing room! I got *some* of the clothing fabrics put away on their own shelf in my cabinets, I finally found the stacked coins rows and 9-patch blocks that are destined for baby quilts, I'm packing up for our quilting trip to the NC mountains this Thursday, and I'm gathering projects/fabrics to take to the retreat in October.

And......I have cleared up to 44-inches of cutting space on my cutting table, that is up from only 18-inches....TA DAH!

But I still can't find the Jack & Jill quilt pattern that I have been looking for - and now we know that my nephew's expected baby is a boy and I want to make that pattern. Oh well, I did find an online shop that has it.


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Great progress, Teresa. I'm going to use you as my inspiration and get into my sewing room very soon. Maybe I'll pretend I'm going to go the retreat and that will help. I need deadlines sometimes to make projects a priority.

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Cleaning the sewing room is like a treasure hunt. One never knows what they may Your inspiring but I am waiting until I finish putting "Sylvia" together because she is the reason for a big part of my mess.
Good luck, obviously you're making headway.

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Mine is a disaster!!! The only prob with cleaning it is then I can't find things. After I get the top of the 'cats' done I will tackle mine.

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And I found my 10 yds. of Chanticleer Vintage White that I ordered in 2007 that goes so well with the 1930's repro prints!

Now if I can just find a better spot for my bags of scraps, then I won't have to lean over to get into the bookcase! LOL!


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WOO HOOOOO! I found the Jack and Jill pattern!!!! Oh, happy day! And guess where it was??? Yep....that "safe" place, of course. Inside a large white envelope on the bookshelf where I store other patterns and books!

I'm so happppeeeee!

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Congratulations, Teresa. I usually find missing things when I clean. And, if I don't, I'm sure to find it when I buy a second one. Looking forward to retreat myself.

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GREAT. Nice to locate all those treasure. I am more likely to loose things when I clean. Never can remember the great new places I put them.
Sound like your doing a fantastic job.
Keep going. I'm watching.

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I really need to clean up my space - or lack of - lol.

Glad you found your Pattern and other treasures!

When I see those neat and tidy perfect sewing rooms, I know there is no creativity going on.......and no sewing!!!
Just what I think. No offense to those tidy, neat-niks here:) I'm just jealous.....

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Marsha you are so funny, but, it's the way I feel too lol!!!!!!
I try to clean up when it's time for the bug man to spray. I usually just throw as much as I can into the closet. The last time my DGDs visited one remarked that the room looked better than the last time she visited lol!!! I am so happy that I finally have a sewing room and I can shut the door. I know I would turn the whole house into my sewing room if I lived alone.
My machines are kept lint free, but you should see the floor.
Teresa I can't tell you how many times I have taken the room apart looking for something. Glad you found it!

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I've contemplated making multiple copies of the pattern and putting them in several spots in my sewing room so I can find them when I need the pattern again! Ha! I'll even hang one up from my "inspiration" clothesline that hangs over my sewing table. It might fade in time, but at least I will know where it is! I know I spent 4-5 hours this time looking for that pattern.

Here it is in the "Jill" version:

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This summer I've been sewing a lot and I've been looking for a number of little things: a favorite scissors, my sharpest ripper, that circular razor thing I don't know the name of but it looks like a pretty medallion and it's used for cutting threads, a small but useful ruler, etc. My sewing room is messy all the time so I figured I had just misplaced all these things (like I've done so often before). But this past weekend my eyes settled on a big old picnic basket in the corner and I remembered that I gathered all kinds of favorite things in there so I would have everything in one place to work on my hand applique project! Of course, the project is at a stand-still, untouched for months. But I opened up that basket and there were all my treasures!!! Now, if I could just find the remote control for the TV....

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I keep all things sewing related in my bedroom and drag out what I need to the kitchen when I want to work on a project. We are renovating our house and currently working in our master bedroom. I had to go through and tote up everything and boy did I find a lot of things I have been missing! I organized everything as I packed up and have it at a ready to work on when I get a spare minute.

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I am so glad to know that I am not the only one that can't find anything after I have organized and cleaned lol!!!!!

OMG Teresa, that is beautiful!!!! I absolutely love it. The prairie points and the applique look perfect. I can't wait to see the 'Jack'.

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Teresa, I remember that quilt. It is one of my favorites of all time. I would like to see "Jack" as well.
Is the pattern on line? I will have to go and search.
Keep up the good work.

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Tersea, this is a beautiful quilt! I also want to see the Jack version.
I think the 'safe place' is rich with all our treasures!

Kate - that is so funny about your basket of goodies - like meeting up w/ old friends unexpectedly.

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Thanks for all the lovely compliments! I think this is one of the nicest quilts that I have made thus far.

The "Jack" has sailboats on it. I think I will do the Jack quilt in yellow green, blue, brick red, and gold. Unless I change my mind! I've gone through my stash and the colors I picked look good together.

The pattern is online at, listed under Applique Quilt Patterns II, down near the bottom of that page.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Beautiful quilt, Teresa! I took a sampler class at Erica's oodles of years ago.....think it was 1984. I loved that shop.....she had everything and it was so homey! Every nook and cranny was filled. They've moved since I was there so have to track them down the next time I'm up there. @:)

I'm not so organized and lose things, too. When I leave for a couple months to go up north, I just throw a sheet over everything....ok, so it might take more than one sheet but I'm afraid I'll never find anything if I put things away in a safe place. @:)


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Thanks for sharing the spot but yours is SO much prettier.

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