Help with my kitchen floor plan please

renov8rApril 23, 2013

My kitchen renovations have been on hold for quite a few months, since I can't decide on my floorplan.
We live in a 1930 home with an addition built in the 50's which is the kitchen. We have a kitchen architect/designer helping us but she has been absent for a while, so I thought I would present my kitchen for all you people to look at.
First of all this is the first big renovation on this kitchen. We have painted, and put in new floor and counters, but the cupboards (Hanover) are the original and in amazingly good condition. Also our appliances are very old, although still working. We are semi- retired, all the kids have flown the nest and we have 3 grandchildren. We have made the decision to not downsize, since this is our family home and there is room for everyone when they come to stay.

So the photo enclosed is the present layout. We are hoping to make the north west window into a door to the outside. Right now to get to the back yard, we go through the garage (not convenient). My other thoughts are -
- I would love to have an island, but prefer to eat at a table. If not an island then a peninsula.
- I would like to change the door to the powder room by extending the wall of the pr north 3 feet and have the door opening facing west. Makes it more private. We would add some sound insulation as well.
- I would like to have an advantium.
- the water and heating ductwork, now in those walls, can probably be moved. None of those walls need to remain.
- We are going to insulate the outside walls.
- I do not want to eliminate the windows, except the one, which we would change to a French door to the outside.
- Washer and dryer will stay in the kitchen, but thought about a stacked set. Refrigerator and range will both be replaced.
- The south wall cannot be moved. It is the original wall of the house and is 12 inches of cement!
- There is a small build out on the south wall, which contains heating ductwork for the upstairs. We think that it could be changed, but not sure until we actually open it up.

That is about it I think, and I hope some of you kitchen lovers can give me some ideas for a functional layout.
I am looking forward to your expert advice.

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I'm no expert, but here's one idea to stimulate conversation. I assume that when you say you prefer to eat a table you mean the dining room? There's no table in your "current" layout...

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what is not apparent is how this space flows into any other "living" part on this floor of the home-where are the family room or living room.....are those spaces quite separated off in a direction down the hallway? there are very utilitarian activities in this space with laundry and garage entry/ exit and powder room and outside entry/exit that you will add in. But how about consolidating the laundry and powder room over near garage entry and looking at opening up dining room to kitchen for a larger more integrated space....

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Thanks for your replies.
Williamsem: When I said that we like to eat at a table, I meant in the kitchen. I didn't add our table to the picture, since I am willing to change it. The garage entry is our back door, so having the advantium there would not work. I need a closet space near that door. We have considered moving the washer/dryer near the powder room. I am assuming the * on the west wall is the refrigerator? Do you think that makes an overly large work triangle?
herbflavor: This is an older home. It is not possible to open up the living space. The south wall of the kitchen is not negotiable to move. As I mentioned, it is the original outside wall of the house and is 12 inches of cement. the front part of the house is a centre hall plan - living room on the west side of the front hall and dining room on the east side. We don't have a large family room, but there is a room off from the dining room that is our TV room. Yes, I agree the kitchen has alot going on in it. That is a major problem with it, as I see it.

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Can you remove that interior wall with the water pipe that is drawn? Corners don't make for the most efficient layout in kitchens so I would try to eliminate at least one of the corners. An island would do that if you wish to keep the interior wall as a sort of mudroom space. If you have a kitchen table you could skip the island seating and put the avantium under the island.

I would also think where is the best place to locate your WD. Close to bedrooms, stairway, water source are always good.

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water pipe wall might be better without the little bend and actually extend it furthur down to enclose the in/out passages/closet/laundry/storage etc in a corridor or mudroom type passage behind the kitchen proper. Is the new door set for a spot in top left near garage door? Kitchen would take the style/design of a banquette for destination appeal. They can be built small with high backs or L bench shapes or straight bench with angled sides.....can come off a wall or float in the space with a high back to provide a partition effect. wouldn't be concerned about powder room right now....look at banquettes on houzz ...your space is large-you can plug it in a variety of spots and the arrangement of the kitchen may shift. Kids and guests will find it appealing and your wide open kitchen can benefit and it will fit in with the traditional style of your home.

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You know, Renov8r, imagining your nice old 1930s house, I just really like the idea of a simple old-fashioned family kitchen. You don't mention your style, but I have the kitchen from Moonstruck floating in front of me. :)

But pale green and cream wallpaper and tile aside, for layout, moving counterclockwise from the southeast corner:

Move the powder room doorway by bringing out a new short wall as you're considering.

Run an L-shape counter from that new little wall up and around the north and east walls for your main cooking area.

Create a nice glass door and view to the outdoors.

Leave the laundry where it is, stacked or otherwise as you wish to use that wall, but made nice behind something. If side-by-side, it could look like a large old chest, with shelves above, or some such. Or they could be stacked to free up room for a closet or something else you need a place for. Maybe even try to leave room for a comfy upholstered chair at the south end of that run?

Build custom cabinetry, such as a shallow pantry, and/or bookcases, maybe sideboard/hutch style (if not done elsewhere) across the duct wall on the south. (Leave the ducting there.)

Then, for the reason for it all: a terrific round table right in the middle that seats six any time with room to crowd in a couple of little ones, but that could also expand to an oval for ten or twelve.

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Have you seen Mermanmike's kitchen? Let me see if I can find the link for you :)

As for the powder room...I like the idea of extending the wall and moving the door. Could you put the Advantium there, between the range and new wall to the powder room...and leave the rest of the layout 'as is'?

There won't be much room at the peninsula if you extend the wall, so why not take that out and leave a little more floor space for the table. Just an idea...and please look through Mike's's one of my all time favorites!

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Mermanmike's kitchen

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Hi, Lavender.I missed Mermanmike's when she posted. It looks like a favorite place to be.

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I considered putting a table in the center of the kitchen in order to gain more counter space, but in the end put it back to the side of the kitchen against two adjacent walls because I thought the chairs would constantly be in my way. I'm very glad I made this decision, and have a smaller island in the middle, which I surprisingly love. We have four doorways in our kitchen.

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Your suggestions are all so appreciated.
Most of your ideas have been thought about, but I can't seem to make decisions. I think I like my washer dryer where they are now. They work there fine, and making them stacked will give me more space for a back door area.
I have seriously thought of taking out that north wall altogether and opening it all up. The refrigerator would then be placed to the left of the sink. However, I wonder about the back door area then. Where will all that "stuff" go that comes in the back door - backpacks, diaper bags, boots, etc.
Lavender - I also like the idea of a counter along the east wall down to the powder room area. Putting the advantium along that wall on the other side of the window would work.
herbflavor -We have considered a banquette as well, but I think we are ruling it out because of the price.
Sjerin - At the moment we have the table and chairs outside the work area, but with an open kitchen with an L shaped counter, the chairs might be in our way. Something to think about. I don't plan on having an island, though, for sitting necessarily - more for a handy work space. One or two stools would be nice though for visiting purposes.
rosie - Sounds lovely. Yes our house is mostly traditional, but not country. I like the idea of a hutch on the south wall covering up the heating ductwork. I also like the idea of having a wall free of cupboards for painting/artwork etc.
Again, thank you all for taking time to give me some suggestions. Hopefully I can get these ideas consolidated before too long.

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