I think she's broken! :(

jennifer_in_vaSeptember 12, 2011

I've been working on the frame for a couple of weeks now..not using my Janome.

So today, I sit down, pull it out and try to do a quick 5 minutes straight stitch project. Put in a new needle, thread it up, and push the button to pull up the bobbin. Doesn't work...Makes beeps...flashes a warning. Try to change stitches, etc. Same thing.

When I roll the knob by hand it makes funny gear noises. NOT GOOD!! I have a guild meeting tonight and DH is out tomorrow night, so it may be Wed. before we can take a good look at it. Unfortunately, my fix it guy often runs a multi-month backlog! If I take it in...I might not have it back by retreat!! NOT GOOD! (Have I said that already?)

DOn't remember anything happening last time I used it...can't figure it out...

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No help from me other than I feel your pain.

Machines can be a 'pain in the butt' and I lived in a rural area with out anyone to look at my machines.


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If it's not still under warranty, get the service manual and see if you can fix it yourself. You may even be able to download the manual and not have to wait for it to come in snail mail. I was able to fix my Elna by simply adjusting the belt tension, but I couldn't have done it without the manual.


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Oh, Oh. This hurts!
Hope you are up and running soon.

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We talked about loaner machines, but not for you. Do we need to find you a retreat machine?

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Well, I have a geeky husband who is great at all things mechanical (took toasters apart as a kid to see how they work). He might be able to do something with it, but I'd rather be around when he does!

Linda~No need to worry about a loaner for me... I have 1 extra that did today's job, plus DD has one as well.

And, at the moment, I think we may have enough 'extra' machines so that everyone at retreat can use two!!! LOL

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Oh, no. I will miss her happy hum at the retreat. Give her an aspirin and check again in the morning.


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DH gets home today and sits right down to working on it. I head down at one point to see the entire machine open~ A little daunting even when you know it's gonna happen.

He comes up later and asks "so how old is it?" Looked it up...bought in 1/04. "maybe I'll show you how to use it" (as if I didn't know her inside & out after 9 years!) Later, takes me down to 'talk' about the issue. It's all put back together and working like a charm! Thanks! !

Then he tells me...The problem was the bobbin winding spool was pushed in (as if to wind a bobbin) and therefore nothing else would work..."Wouldn't you think that's why there was a 'SP' error code?" he says to me.

Grrrrr. Glad it was an easy fix....Bad that it was something so stupid that he'll hold it over my head for a LONG time! [I'm thinking the 3yo must have touched/bumped it while it was on the floor while I worked on the frame these last two weeks.]

He also rescinded his offer of this afternoon for a new machine! (Not that I wanted one anyway...I like this one!)

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hahahah! Blame it on the 3 year old!

After my son went away to college, I had to apologize to him - things I blamed him for, was actually DH!

So happy your machine is 'fixed' - I hope he cleaned it for you while it was apart. Cook him his favorite dinner!

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Don't you hate when that happens!?!? I'm glad she is working again and will get to come to the retreat again.


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You're lucky to have such a handy man living with you. I wouldn't let my hubby touch mine!

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You don't need a handy DH....You have You!!

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