September General Discussion: Birthday Block Exchange

sandlapper_roseSeptember 1, 2011

Hello everyone! This is Jeanne. I will be your main contact person for September. It has worked well for me and Kristene to alternate as the contact person for the month so I am back and Kristene gets a bit of a chance to rest and recover.

This thread is provided for you to post photos of your finished Birthday Block quilts or any questions you may have pertaining to the Birthday Block Exchange or just to stop in to say hello and let us know how you are doing.

We have lots of birthdays taking place in September, but I also noticed that many of the blocks to the birthday members are already in the mail and a few have been received. Excellent job, everyone!

Also, I will be in the process of looking over what has been suggested for 2012. If you have any more comments on group plans for next year, please e-mail me or post them here.

As many of you know, I went to see my older daughter in California for August so I could be there for her birthday and help with the triplets for 2 weeks, so the month of August really flew by for me! I had a great time with them and the odd thing was the babies thought I was so funny. They would just laugh and laugh. I don't know if that was good or bad. LOL Here is a picture of the triplets taken while I was there. They are now 6 months old.

I hope everyone is doing okay with all the strange weather events that have been taking place. I arrived back in South Carolina to hear an earthquake had been felt here before I landed and then along came Irene which treated us pretty well, but of course you worry when the storm might be heading your way. I know the northeast got lots of worries from all the rain and then today I see about all the wildfires in Texas. On my way back home I transferred in Phoenix and I believe the temperature around 9 p.m. was reported to be 112 degrees! What a summer we have had.

Take care and I am certainly looking forward to fall.


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I hope everyone is having a good weekend. A friend and I went fabric shopping so you know I had a nice day. There is a shop about a 45 min. drive from us that had a sale and good quilt shop quality fabrics were marked down to $2.50 a yard! I don't know how they do it, but I am thankful. I got three large cuts (4 1/2 yards each) so if I decide to use them as backing at some point I will have enough. Obviously I got some 1, 2, and 3 yard pieces, too. At that price you felt like lining up with as much as you could carry. The cutting lines were pretty long, but eveyone was courteous and in a very good mood. No pushing, shoving, or snatching fabric from someone else. I like it when people behave at a sale.
I also left my machine to get its annual check up and cleaning. (Well, more than a year since I did that, but time sneaks up on us...)
Has anyone already started making things for Christmas? Not me, but I guess it will at least be time to start thinking about fall decorating and Halloween soon.
I need to read through the suggestions about next year and the Birthday Block Exchange again so I can post something about that - at least by early October. Any other thoughts or ideas that you didn't already list, just let me know.

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My goodness, I seem to be the only one posting this month! I hope everyone is fine. I am glad to see some cooler weather, but our area is still very much in need of rain. A creek runs pretty close to where we live and it is mostly dry creek bed with only a few large puddles. I have never seen it get like this before and that is going back about 30 years.
Kay and I will start communicating back and forth more to make plans for those who want to exchange blocks in 2012. I should be posting something early in October.
My dog is 12 years old and got very sick over the weekend so if I am a bit less organized over the next week or so, you will know why. I don't know anything right now. The vet is treating her and running tests. This came on very suddenly because she was actually starting to feel a bit better than usual towards the end of last week. So sad to see our pets get older and have all these health problems.

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Oh Jeanne, I'm sympathetic about your elder pup. My Sheltie Sarah is over 14 and really showing her age this year. It's breaking my heart to watch her physical decline and to face the fact that she won't be with me forever.


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I see I haven't posted for awhile. I fell last weekend, but I am doing much better now. Our dog is doing better, too. I will get the details of the 2012 Birthday Block Exchange posted in its own heading in October. It will be limited to one group - 13 people. If anyone who is participating this year wants to participate in 2012 and you have not already let me know, send me an e-mail message about it.

Several of us who participate in the Birthday Block Exchange will be at the NC Camp Cheerio Retreat. Last year was my first year attending the retreat and it is so much fun. I'm sure we will be posting some information and pictures for you to see either while we are there or right after we return.
Good job getting the September blocks mailed!

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Jeanne, The babies are just darling and you probably had an exhausting but exhilarating 2 weeks. Will you be going out every few months? Don't see how you can stay away from those precious faces and cuddles. The parents are probably glad to have you visit. @:) Hope you didn't hurt anything that would keep you from the retreat when you fell. Hoping I can be there next year!


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Jeanne, the triplets are adorable! Glad to see that you are doing better and your doggie too! Are you ready for retreat? I think it would be loads of fun to do that one day.

I just have to post and show everyone my birthday block quilt. I've been looking for the perfect fabric to use as sashing and borders for months. One of those...I will know when I see it kind of things. DD and I went on a four day shop hop across central and eastern Iowa on our own a few weeks ago and I found it! Now to get to the quilting...might not happen till the snow is blowing but at least I have the top done. Thank you again to the "make a wish" group for making my birthday this year very special! :)


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Deanna, your birthday block quilt is gorgeous! Good job everyone!


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Thanks for posting your picture. Your quilt is just beautiful and I agree that you found the perfect fabric to go with it!
The plan is I am still going to retreat. I wasn't sure whether I could do it or not, but I am feeling a lot better already.
Have a good weekend, everyone. September sure went by in a blur!

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Oh Jeanne, I am so sorry you fell, glad you and your dog are feeling better.

Deanna, your quilt is gorgeous! Thank you for posting the picture. I agree - the sashing fabric is perfect.

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