Moveable or Fixed Kitchen Island

nangaMarch 4, 2014

We are updating our kitchen with cambria quartz countertops (Bradshaw) and new sink/faucet, paint and want to add an island. The island will be approximately 30" x 54" to replace our current kitchen island which is on wheels. I do not need an electrical outlet on the island and would like to be able to move the island in order to have access to the lighting in our vaulted ceiling as well as to have flexibility to move this if we need more room during moving appliances or other furniture. I have asked the contractors for their input on designing this and they have said it's "doable". I have also asked for a design that looks more like a piece of furniture. Has anyone seen this without having the appearance of a "cart"? Also, does anyone have pictures of their smaller islands? Thanks!

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Sophie Wheeler

You're going to need wheels if you want it movable with that top heavy stone on top. Otherwise, you run the risk of it tipping, and scratching the floors (and the cabinets too) if you try to move it by ''scooting'' it. If it's permanently affixed, you are required to outfit it with electrical as a safety measure to keep you from draping extesion cords everywhere.

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Hollyspring - definitely agree that I'll want to have the island designed to avoid tipping; I mentioned legs on the corners to to designer so it's not just an overhang and had the appearance of furniture, but that also presents a challenge in a moveable island. The designer mentioned casters, so we'll see. I'm definitely leaning to the moveable island. Thanks for the additional considerations as I would not want the island to tip on anyone.

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Have you looked on Houzz? I am considering the same approach since my aisles are narrow for a traditional island. "kitchen moveable island" turned up lots of interesting results for me. Like this:

Eclectic Kitchen by Chicago Photographers Louise Lakier
That may still look too much like a cart to you. But there are lots of examples. I think this one is swanky:

Contemporary Kitchen by Vancouver Design-Build Firms Kerr Construction

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cucinamia - I love houzz. I also like the "swanky" one, but I'm really aiming to have a bit of storage and somehtin that looks like furniture. My problem is that I want too much. Thanks for the ideas.

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