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nerdMarch 26, 2012

We have decided to remodel and are looking a design that includes adding an attached garage, remodeling the kitchen and adding on a family room. The kitchen was to be relocated to an existing den which would be expanded and would then be in close proximity to the garage. Our current kitchen would then become the family room (it is a light filled room with the best views of our yard and rest of our property). We now are thinking perhaps we should keep the kitchen in its exiting space and remodel it. If we did that though, it would be far away from the garage (a pain for my husband as he does grocery shopping-but manageable). If the weather hadn't been so unseasonably warm these past weeks we probably would have gone with our original design, but it wasn't until we were enjoying the backyard with the kids while preparing dinner thatwe realized we might be making a mistake. We have spent the past 4 months working on the design so I feel that money would be wasted :-(. Any thoughts?

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Option C: Take that 150K-200K remodel you are talking about and look at what that will buy you in the market. If that won't go that far where you live, then look at other layouts that keep the kitchen in the same location first as that can save you 15-30K right there. If an architect can't come up with better options than you thought about yourself, then you will have at least explored everything and have a better handle on the costs vs. increased utility payback. There won't be a financial "payback", as either option will end up increasing the equity in the home at less than the money you have spent. And you wouldn't see any increase in value until you sold the home. The sole reason to spend the money is that it will increase your pleasure in remaining in the home.

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Will the kitchen be open to the family room, if you moved it to the den? Would you still be able to see the kids, when you were working, in the kitchen?

If you remodel the existing kitchen space...are you still adding a family room? The distance from the garage is an inconvenience, but wouldn't be a 'deal breaker' IMHO. I'd be more concerned about how you use the space and how the rooms flow together and access to the backyard. You shop (maybe once a week?) but you probably go outside, several times a day, in the summer.

Hope that helps :)

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The new kitchen (a new space that would involve expanding the den) is on the opposite side of the house as the old kitchen and would include a covered patio. There will be a smaller play area next to the patio which will be visible from the kitchen. The old kitchen space which seems to have morphed into a playroom, toy garage, and art studio (we have a toddler and a preschooler) would then become a family room/playroom which would also have access to the larger backyard play area. One of the things we liked about the new design is that it gave us a much needed family space. If we keep the kitchen in its current location we would probably look to expanding the den to become a family room/playroom. Intestingly enough, the area where we are looking to move the kitchen to was the original kitchen location when the home was originally built in 1940. The current kitchen was originally a small library that was expanded as part of an addition in 1993. I think I've talked myself into going with the new design. :-)

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Any sketch of the existing/proposed floorplans would help!

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