Good place to order decorative wood hood?

lexmomof3April 9, 2013

I'm looking for a decorative wood hood like this one. Local cabinet guy can't build it with the curve which is what I love about the hood. I found it for about $3,400 but I need to find something more budget friendly. Any good options for ordering wood decorative hoods online? I've done a google search and came up with Fujioh hoods that are similar but they aren't tall enough for a 10' ceiling.

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Missing the picture. The 10' ceiling may make it a little tougher to find a "stock" one.

Try Precision Wood Products.

Here is a link that might be useful: Precision Wood Products

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sorry, didn't add the picture! Here it is.

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Kent - That E-series hood (without the applique) is the hood that was quoted as $3,400. I'm pretty certain it is the same company since the hoods are labeled as the same series.

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Stanici does curved hoods among others and does but you can't buy direct, have to go through a dealer.
Edited to add they won't be cheaper though Sorry didn't notice the price issue.
Try a QCCI dealer- they have one that is available with the top section unfinished could be less depending on size.

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Jakuvall already mentioned Stanici. No idea what they cost since you cannot buy direct but perhaps your cabinet guy can order from them? In my quest for the perfect decorative wooden hood, I actually just picked up the phone and called Stanici. I had a super long conversation with the folks at Stanici and found them to be incredibly helpful and they are willing to make totally custom hoods or minor modifications to their stock hoods. They did a mock up of a hood for me just based on my description of what I wanted and it was really spot on. But they did say my (still to be decided) cabinet company would have to get the quote for me. Also, I love, love, love the curve but you could get a similar look (same proportions and feel) with a slightly more angular hood which your guy might be able to build.

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Thanks all, Stanici is the company that makes the E-series hood that was quoted as $3,400. Still hoping to find something similar for less.

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Showplace also has one and will do custom sizes but don't know how big. Already mentioned QCCI (oddly the most reasonable of the 3). Both are cabinet companies, I know QCCI builds their own, think SWP also does judging by the pricing but never asked. Problem is finding a dealer willing to sell you only a hood unfinished, neither of those brands will be on the net. But both will save some money depending on size (which you haven't said)
Akk others that I've worked with over the years use Stanici. 3400 is hardly unreasonable BTW, mantle hoods are more.

Not all that hard to build, but might end up at the same price, since he says he's nervous about it.
I hope your looking for a decent width to go with the height.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I have a 36" blue star range so I'm planning on doing a 42" overall width. I have a 34.5" vent-a-hood planned for the insert.

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The inexperience of the installer, coupled with a modest budget, makes what you want questionable to achieve. I think you need to change parameters. Perhaps a stainless hood with the curve? There aren't any real budget designs with that shape in wood unless you have someone who has the experience to build it locally. Change the shape to one without a curve and your carpenter can probably build one. But, the problem of him doing the hood to fit the insert is always challenging if they haven't done this before. That's why I prefer to order everything from a cabinet company that has the insert that actually FITS the hood without someone on site attempting a kludge to get it to fit. It's like a hand in a glove, and even a novice installer can manage to do it, because it's designed to fit together from the beginning. And that is what ends up saving you money on the back end. It doesn't do any good to find a 2K hood and a 1K insert and then spend 2K on labor to get things to fit not quite right.

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Not crazy about the proportion you'd end up with- it is possible to increase the valance area a little but...did a quickie- 42" wide- 6" valance area to a ten foot ceiling. No molding added...

For that width hood you ought to have a bigger insert. And as Green said- you want it delivered ready for the insert to go. If your guy can't build that hood I'd wonder about installing a liner.

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When I searched and searched for a hood, I saw the Artisan series from Omega National Products online. I have no idea what they are like. But they are 46" high and with a little crown at the top, might just fit (depending on the liner specs).

(I ended up with a powder-coated hood from Modern-aire via a dealer that I am anxiously awaiting)

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