Our home is under contract

montelSeptember 15, 2010

We have accepted an offer on our house after 3 weeks on MLS, 8 open houses, and many showings we are officially under contract - T-35 days (17 for contingencies).

Nice clean offer and barring any surprises we should be good - nice to see that in an expensive market a home will still sell. We got 99% of asking!

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Congrats !! Good luck through the contingency phase !

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We just closed on the our house - contingency phase went fine, we ended up with a single minor repair charge that we agreed to do just to keep things rolling.

Otherwise it went pretty well - I am not so sure about the buyer agent, who seemed a bit scattered and un-organized.

Our agent was awesome, and the house is no longer ours...

Good luck to others out there.

My advice is to make sure everything possible is done to make the home look sell-able - and most importantly price it aggressively. Most homes in our market don't sell until the price is lowered at least once - we went in a little low for our comfort level and came out with an acceptable price very close to asking.

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Congratulations!! Glad it seems to have gone smoothly for you. Which area of the US was your house in?

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Northern California - in an area that hasn't been hit terribly hard by the downturn. We have seen about a 20% drop here I would guess.

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I'm glad you were able to price it to sell. In this market, pricing is everything !! Homes that are priced to sell in my area are selling, homes that are not priced well are sitting and sitting and sitting. Two friends of my daughter are in the market for their first homes. They're finally ready to get out of apartment living and have saved for several years now. So they have the money and the motivation and are finding bargain after bargain. They're not even considering a home if it's not a "bargain". Trying to be smart consumers.

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