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quiltingfarmladySeptember 15, 2012

As some of you may know, the last few months I've been in the process from moving from PA to our new farm in West Virginia. So the name kay_in_pa just didn't make sense any more.

Look for my new user name quiltingfarmlady soon on announcements regarding the 2013 Birthday Block Exchange as Kristine (tinyteena) and I will be working together on getting this exchange set up and under way!

Kay... not in PA

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Congrats on your move. I can't even imagine how difficult your move must have been. I only moved to a house on three acres about 15 miles away, not a farm and still haven't found everything. Going on month 7 and I'm sure the camera battery charger will turn up soon??? The rented storage building is almost history...ahhhh.

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It will take us a while to get used to your new name - but I am sure we will ... I can't imagine moving a farm! DH & I have talked about downsizing to a smaller house (he would like to move into a motorhome full time!) but, he could never part with his "junk"!!! I can't get him to clean his office, let alone give anything up, so I guess I am safe for a while.
Good luck with the move.

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thanks for the info Kay, I wouldn't want to lose! I hope the move is going well for you.

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Unfortunately, the move isn't complete yet. DH is with the chickens and some of the pigs in PA. I'm here in WV with our sow and her litter of piglets, our horses, mule and donkeys.

I have a feeling it will be next year sometime before we actually complete the move. The farm move isn't even as daunting as moving DH's business. So much equipment and so many parts!

But the biggest plus is that I'll have a LOT more room as my quilting space! In fact, my quilting supplies and I have been "separated" now for a little over 2 months. And I'm definitely having withdrawal symptoms! Planning on a temporary space here sometime in the next couple of weeks!


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Kay, Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy....especially getting a space set up for your sewing. I do know what withdrawal feels like and believe me, you will feel so much better when you can finally reconnect to quilting. Hope it all comes together for you and your DH easily and quickly.


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I was born in WV - Oak Hill. That's the area all my kin live, Oak Hill, Fayetteville, Summersville. I have an Aunt that lives at the top of the New River Gorge, not far from the bridge where the crazy people jump off of once a year.

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Kay, I like the name change; it sounds like a good fit. Best of luck with your move and I hope you can get back to your quilting soon!


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ritaweeda, I have been under that bridge the crazy people jump off, whitewater rafting. That's God's country there and I was just celebrating my parent's anniversary date. 78 years ago today, they eloped to Wheeling, riding there in the rumble seat of their friend's roadster. I very seriously thought about moving there (we are less than an hour from the WV border) before I married present hubby. I love that state. wishes on your move.

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Ritaweed, I've been to the New River and it's just breath taking country. There's a book called Follow the River that takes place between there and Virginia.

We're at the opposite end of WV, about as far north as you can go in the Eastern Panhandle, about 10 minutes south of Hancock, MD. But this part of WV is beautiful, too. Our farm is 23 acres with a nice big pond, and the pasture almost fills a little valley in the woods between 2 mountain ranges. Berkeley Springs itself was the nation's first spa, and it now has the beginnings of being an artist town. For being so small, there's a lot going on.

Thanks for the good wishes, everyone.

Here is a link that might be useful: About Berkeley Springs

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Quiltingfarmlady, aka Kay...Congratulations on your moving process...I can't imagine moving a farm, but you are in one of the most beautiful areas I've visited. I would recommend partaking in the Berkeley Springs's heavenly. DH and I drive up that way every once in while for a quick's so lovely!

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Kay hope your move goes smoothly. Happy to hear that you will soon have a larger quilting space and really hope that you will enjoy it!

Best to you,

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Hi Kay,

The summer before last we went to a family reunion at the Homestead House in the western part of Virginia. I think that is probably a few hours from you, but when you talked about the first hot springs it reminded me of that area as we visited some hot springs that were very old and really neat. It is a beautiful area. Good luck with your move.


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