Today is the is finished!! (pic heavy)

boschboyApril 29, 2012

This is a day I thought would never get here. I am finally ready to show off the finished kitchen. I have been planning this for almost 2 years and I read so many different posts on GW that gave such great advice. You may not know it, but the finished kitchen is a conglomeration of your ideas. THANKS!!


I began the planning phase of the remodel about two years ago. This is a DIY kitchen and I did not want to make too many modifications to the existing layout. Overall it was very usable, it just needed some updates. I think you will agree when you see the before pictures below.

The biggest changes were moving the double oven from one side of the kitchen to the other, installing a vent hood and extending the length of the island. Of course new cabinets and granite countertops were a requirement.

We did purchase our appliances 1 year before we started the remodel. We had a budget and replacing the leaking DW and electric coil cooktop were a must. My induction cooktop is irreplaceable. I figured I might as well keep going so we swapped the side by side fridge for a french door version.

We ordered our cabinets in January. What a pain to deal with small independent stores that did not want to give us a quote once they learned we would be installing them ourselves. Oh well, their loss not mine. We ended up ordering from Home Depot and had a great time working with their kitchen designer. We learned a lot from her and she gave us some new ideas about all the little extras I had not thought about. We have used every wasted space.

I will say that the cabinet install, plumbing changes, moving electrical lines, installing speakers in the ceiling and addition of a vent pipe to the outside went easier than I could have expected. It was fun to come home every night with a goal of something that needed to be completed or to spend an entire weekend working on a larger change. The sense of accomplishment was great. I miss that time already. Oh well, enough of the background. Below are the details.

Cabinets: Kraftmaid Holace Cherry Square with Kaffe finish and all plywood upgrade.

Countertop: Juparana Arandis granite

Sink: Krauss Stainless Farmhouse double sink with faucet

Pulls: Cool Knobs and Pulls #8000 series in various lengths

Backsplash: 2x4 Chiaro Mosaic (Lowes) We made the design over the cooktop from chair rail and standard 2.5x9 moldings.

Window Treatments: Restoration Hardware clearance center

Cooktop: Bosch 36" induction 800 series

Vent Hood: Bosch 36" 800 series

Refrigerator: Bosch Stainless French Door

Microwave: Kenmore Elite built in

Double Oven: KitchenAid double convection

Flooring: Somerset Country Collection Hand Scraped Buttercup

Enough of the are some pics.

Some before shots. This seems so long ago.

Double oven will be moving to where the desk is located.

Another view

How is this for a change?

Microwave built into the island. I do not use it very much so it is the perfect spot.

Love the spice pull outs.

Mosaic behind the cooktop we made ourselves.

The farmhouse sink.

Much more usable than the desk.

Under cabinet lighting is a must. It makes the darkest areas shine.

Just a cool shot

And the beautiful Juparana Arandis

And can't forget my boys who supervised the entire project.

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Gorgeous! What a great transformation. Big style change too. I like that you bucked the trend and went with the integrated 4" backsplash under tile, proving once again that look still works.

I like your granite a lot, and I usually don't like granite because it's too busy for me. Yours strikes a nice balance between subdued and visually interesting with a nice color to boot.

Love the backsplash tile too. What is it? That's the look I was planning to go with but changed it up at the last minute.

Good lighting really makes a dark kitchen work.

Great Job!!!

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Very PRETTY!! Love the TALL cabinets in the rich wood, and the lovely granite!! The helpers are really cute, too. You did not bribe them, did you?

Congratulations on a well done kitchen!


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That is not the same kitchen! No! Fantastic transformation.

How rewarding, as you say, to know that you did that with your own hands!


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Your old layout is VERY similar to what we have currently and hope to change. Your doorways are even the same as ours. The only two differences are that your desk area is our pantry, and our wall ovens are over by the dining room entry. I assume your pantry is the white door next to the fridge?

It's gorgeous and very inspiring!!!

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@GrumpyDave, the backsplash is from Lowes.
Backsplash from Lowes

@jaynees, yes, the pantry is the white door next to the fridge. It is tiny but I can live with it.

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What a transformation! Very beautiful, rich and elegant. Great job! You must be so thrilled to have it done and finally be able to enjoy it. :)

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Wonderful. You two did great! Love the JA.

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Oh my, yes, the before and after shots say it all. Your story of DIY is inspiring. The range / backsplash / hood are lovely...those low angle reflection shots, with your red tea kettle reflecting off your georgeous granite...beautiful!

Was that a D56 collection in the background? :-)

Thanks for sharing.

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That. Is. Fantastic. What a bang-up job you did designing and color coordinating. I love how the granite looks with your cabinets, which are also beautiful. And I agree with Grumpydave about the lighting... really beautiful.

Congrats on a job well done. Now you have to throw lots of dinner parties!

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WOW. A whole new image/personality for your kitchen! Very elegant, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the mosaic you did behind the stove. The boys look totally in awe of how it turned out. ;-)

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Very, very nice! Love the dark wood. Love all the colors, and the orange accents! Can I ask you about the rugs on the floor?

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Nice transformation. Gorgeous counters. Enjoy!

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Just gorgeous! Love the rich colors. And could that hood be any cooler?!?

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All your hard work paid off. You did a fantastic job and should be proud. I hope you enjoy your new kitchen and create many wonderful memories over the years.

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Thanks everyone!
@Joyce 6333 - The rugs are Mohawk Martinique Light Pine. I checked and cannot find them available anymore.

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Love it! What a dramatic transformation.

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Don't know why you got rid of the wallpaper ??!! Haha...what a fantastic story and what talent you have. Simply beautiful. c

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Wowza! Love the details such as the cool hood, sexy legs on the island. The pups look like they love it too!

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Holy smokes..almost..just almost wants to make me go dark...gorgeous

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Great job! Looks Amazing, I really like the backsplash and stone.

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Incredible transformation! Very sleek! You have great vision to put this together. Especially like your mosaic, cabs, and granite. Wondering what kind of faucet you have and if you like it.

I bet the boys are happy to have the reno finished, too. They're too cute!

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wow-- you must be proud of yourselves at this point! A couple of questions: Did you ever worry about having your appliances so long before you could actually use them and make sure everything worked properly (when does the warranty period start, anyway?)

Also, I 've been looking at Bosch 36" induction cooktops and wondered what sent you to the 800 (from the 500 for example) And I did not even know they made vent hoods-- I keep reading I need one with an extra 3" on each side, but I see yours is the same width as your cooktop-- any issues around that?

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Nice job! Excellent DIY... enjoy!

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Great, great job!!!! The whole kitchen really just shines. Love the touches of orange here and there--so cheery!!

Your supervisor boys are so cute!!

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What a magnificant transformation! It's beautiful, your hard work and imagination show thru. Now you can enjoy!

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awesome. I wanted to ask about the edge on your granite. How thick is your granite and is there any build on the edge? does not look like it. I like the edge but I'm in CA where we use 2 cm so I'm afraid a no build up edge is not going to look beefy enough on my kitchen. Though I love the edge you chose.

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that is some difference! beautiful!

your boys are glad the job is done too. They want their pay and a day off now!

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OMG . . the boys are so adorable! They must be thrilled that their home is back together . . . your kitchen is so lovely and elegant! Did you have fun doing it or was it a chore because your efforts certainly paid off. It looks like a million dollars.

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Really nice job! It all looks fantastic together. Enjoy!!!

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WOW! what a transformation!!! love that you went dark, so rich, warm and so want to be in that kitchen!!! Enjoy :)

I'm sure the "bosses" kept you on your pic!!!

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Beautiful transformation! Your granite is perfect and contributes a lot to the warmth of your new kitchen.

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Very beautiful kitchen! Congrats! As others have stated, it is very warm and inviting:)

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I love it... This is exactly what my brother should do to his kitchen.... had been explaining this to him. Will have to link your outcome for him to see. You pulled this together beautifully.

Love all the pictures... got entranced though by your last picture!!! those sweet innocent eyes! too cute.

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Beautiful. (and the boys are too)

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It's gorgeous! Did you keep your original spotlights? I love the whole look you've achieved. What undercabinet lighting did you use?

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Wow! How DRAMATIC! And DIY? You should be very proud! Enjoy!

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Congratulations! What a wonderful transformation.

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Amazing! Bravo!! Your beautiful labs look happy also!!!

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Thanks again everyone.
@flwrs_n_co: The faucet came with the sink from Krauss. I was able to find the sink with grids for the bottom, faucet and soap dispenser all in 1 package. This is a similar sink but with a different faucet. Krauss on Overstock

@lori_inthenw - When I purchased the appliances I installed them as soon as they were delivered. I really wanted/needed to start using them. We uninstalled and stored them during the renovation time only.
For the cooktop I liked the stainless edge and the way the buttons are built into it. I really liked the look. No issues with a 36" cooktop and 36" vent hood. I love being able to get rid of the cooking odors.
@misslivvy - The granite has a half bull nose edge. I wanted a flat bottom so when I need to wipe crumbs off I can wipe them directly into my hands and not have them get caught underneath. The granite is 1 1/4" (3 cm) thick.

@marti8a - Yes, we kept the same spot lights. Their placement worked well with the longer island. The under cabinet lights are halogen pucks sold at Home Depot in packages of 3, 6 or 12. They are hard-wired into a dimmer switch.

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You took my breath away. I love the look. It's absolutely beautiful. You have renewed my faith that I will find a back splash that looks good with my 4" granite splash.

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That hood is bad-a*s...

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Came here from the thread asking for links! How'd I miss this? It's absolutely beautiful!

What a difference!

My cabinetmaker is going to see those spice pullouts, he says no thinner than 12 inches, and I beg to differ! Love the size of yours, are they 6"? My cab guy says 12, and I think 12 would be too wide and things would get lost, fall over, etc. How is the size working out for you?

I swear if you miss two days on here, you'll miss some beautiful kitchens, these threads go down pages way too fast.
Congratulations on a job well done!

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I hadn't seen this one before either. What a transformation -- great looking kitchen! Love the granite, and I also quite like the 4" granite splash under your tile. Very nice! Love the cabs and the apron front sink too.

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I love those cabs, exactly what I am envisioning here! Are you happy with them? Did you have any quality issues? I've read some mixed reviews, but it does seem like all the bad reviews are from the big box stores, not local shops, and they are the company the shop our GC recommended recommends.

Absolutely gorgeous!

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Congratulations on a job well done. Beautiful!

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Very nice!

Are you happy with your KitchenAid oven? One of their convection / microwave wall oven combos is on my short list, both because it looks nice and because I can get a deal on it. But I've heard a few mixed reviews of the performance, especially for broiling. Have you tried that yet?



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Wow. I did not expect to see this thread pop up again. Thanks for the compliments!
@susied3 - my spice pullouts are 3" and a standard spice bottle fits perfectly between the rails. In each pullout I can put 44 standard spice bottles in each. I also have a 12" pullout, but I use that for oils, kosher salt, pastas, etc. I think it would be too wide to organize as a spice drawer.

@williamsem - I am very pleased with the quality of the Kraftmaid cabinets. I did purchase them through HD and installed them myself.

@lwerner - Funny that you asked about broiling. I broiled my chicken fajitas last night for dinner. I actually use the convect broil quite a bit and have had no issues. The only change I would want would be that the broiler be a bit wider. When I broil 4 ramekins of eggs they cook faster, on the center than on the sides.

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Gorgeous! I love that moment when I roll past the last "before" picture and see the unveiling, and you did not disappoint! Great job, and DIY makes it even more amazing. I am kind of backsplash fixated these days and I really like what you did, with the four inch granite, the subways, and the sparkle framed above the cooktop. Very nice!

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I'm glad this thread popped up because I totally missed your reveal. The dark cabinetry is just beautiful. Love the pullouts, too. Such a beautiful space!

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