There are wonderful people in the world!

terilynMay 8, 2013

Got a call from a policeman this evening, asking if I knew my son. Scared me because I knew they were on the way here to drop off baby. He said I am at your gate, can you come out, I walked out, he had son's wallet with everything inside! Said someone had found it and knew him and turned it in. Son said he must have dropped it when he was getting gas. So there are some really honest people still out there!

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Renews your faith in mankind, doesn't it!:)

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That's a great story and we need to hear more about them because I've met more kind, nice and generous people than bad ones. Thus, I know for a fact that there are lots and lots of wonderful people out there. What's so bad is the media and all the news that make us think otherwise.

Here's one day that I can't forget. I heard a loud boom and ran to the window to see what it was. There was a minor auto accident in front of my home. I went out to see if I could be of any assistant. 2 cars were involved. One driver was a teenager. Being that this was her first accident, she was scared and in tears. The other driver was in his senior years, late 70's or 80's, and was very fragile.

It was one of those Texas high heat day. So, I asked the drivers to park their cars in a safe area and invited them into the cool and comfort of my home to exchange information. After being indoor with a/c for a few minutes, they both were able to calm down. I guided them with what information they needed to exchange and who to call. Really, neither one of them knew what to do and yet, both insisted on not calling the police.

Later, the girl's parents came to help her going home. We all chit chat for awhile, laughing and joking. Then, they all followed each others home. The parents wanted to make sure that the senior driver got home safely.

The whole ordeal really touched me. I never thought that a little hospitality really paid off. Yes, kindness is really contagious :o)

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Someone found and returned my wallet....complete with $700 cash in it. Husband and I were at Walmart. We unloaded the grocery cart and he pushed it into the area for the carts. I got down the road and realized I didn't have it. Went back....couldn't f ind it. A little bit later the police called. Someone had taken it to the police station and turned it in.

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I left my bag accidentally in a store, it had the entire profits for the week in it. Later that day a lady called me, she took it knowing she would return it whereas someone else might not. I'll never forget that lady.

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Years ago, I found a very expensive ring in the ladies room in the building where I worked. I posted a note on the mirror that I had the ring and it could be claimed in my office. A woman came in and said it was her ring. I asked her to describe it, and she became irate and emphatically said it was HER ring. I told her I wanted to be sure that it was her ring and she would have to describe it. She did--in an angry voice--and after I gave her the ring, she stormed out without a thank you.

On the other hand, I once found a wallet and called the owner. He was thrilled and very grateful to get his wallet back--with all money and credit cards intact.

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It is good to read something about kindness and honesty. I once lost my wallet while on vacation in Florida. I was really upset, not so much because of the money, photos, credit cards....but because it was right after they started requiring photo ID to board a plane. (We were driving 2 hours to the airport when I noticed it). Long story short, a honest person working at a cafe where we had lunch turned my wallet in to the owner/operator of the cafe. Before I knew this I was so worried that I would have to take a bus home and miss Christmas with my children. To my amazement I was given my wallet back at the Cafe. Of course I left a generous reward but the thought of this still makes me tear up!

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It is so refreshing to hear stories of kindness and concern for others, especially these days when we hear so much that is tragic and sad. A couple of times I have left my purse in a restroom, etc. and was really fortunate that a good, honest person found it and returned it to me in each instance.

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Oh, I love reading all these stories. They made me feel warm all over :o)

Wanda, you certainly didn't do anything wrong by asking the lady to describe the ring. Some people are just ignorant or may not know how to show appreciation. Knowing that you did good deeds make me wish I'm around people like you more. You know what? What goes around, comes around.

Today for example, I called my a/c guy to come out and check a burning smell. He spent 1/2 hour to check my attic and the outside units. The cost... $0. He didn't even charged me for coming out! What a sweet and kind man. Then, my handyman came out to change 3 toilet flush valves units and charged me so little that I figured it would covered the cost of the parts and his gas only. You know, these men have just been adopted as my big brothers. They're to keep :o) Oh, I feel so blessed!

These are truly encouraging stories.

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Terilyn, thanks for sharing that wonderful story--and everyone else who's shared. It's so much easier to be kind than it is to be mean.

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There's good in with the bad. I try to do what I believe is right and I feel good about it. Sometimes to my own detriment but I still feel right about doing it.

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