custom cabinet nightmare

farmerswifeyMarch 1, 2014

I really need some advice. We are in the process of a kitchen remodel. When my custom cabinets were installed we noticed that the doors had tiny pinholes in them and the inside of the door was not stained the same as the outside. The doors and drawer fronts did not match the frame. After one home visit with the salesman to plead our case the owner of the company came a week later. He says that they do not stain the other side of the door the same because they focus on the front. The pinholes are made during their manufacturing process where the doors travel thru the factory on nail boards and the nails puncture the doors. He finally decided to remove all the cabinets to stain them to all match but says there is nothing they can do about the holes. I am furious! Am I wrong to expect uniform stain and cabinets without dozens of holes? I feel like we paid to get custom cabinets and ended up with something that is totally unacceptable. I am supposed to go to the cabinet shop and confirm that the color is fine but what do I say when they are still covered in pinholes? Thanks :)

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I have never heard of such a thing! A customer cabinet maker or any manufacturer who has an assembly line that travels on nails?? Can you image what would happen if the doors were made of pine? They wouldn't be pinholes, they would be holes. Are the pinholes on the inside or outside of the doors?
As for not staining the interior of the doors because they were focusing on the front is pure poppycock. IMHO they were trying to cut costs at your expense!! Do they not think you would ever open those doors? What was their excuse for the doors and drawer fronts not matching the cabinetry?

Did you check out this company beforehand, ask for recommendations, visit their shop? I can't believe that you are the first to complain about this shoddy work. Check the company online with BBB, or google: (company name) complaints.
Are they even certified? It sounds like a handyman (and not a very good one) set up shop with no clue.

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Did you pay by credit card? You can open a dispute. Do not accept them unless they are to your satisfaction. Ask for a refund. You're lucky they were removed. Boxes too?

It's a surprising journey out there. Hope you just get your money back and can start over.

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Thanks! They are removing the boxes as well. Since we are working with a general contractor he is paying them. If the cabinets come on Thursday and are still full of holes I think I will contact an attorney....

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You pay a GC to handle all the problems. Where is he in all this? Tell him the cabinets are unacceptable. I hope you took some photos.

Save everyone a lot of trouble by going to see them before they come to re-install. But do not sign off on anything. You might miss something in the shop that will become apparent at home.

A letter from an attorney is effective.

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