Lotto question for 2013

K8OrlandoSeptember 5, 2012

Jeanne recently asked about the birthday groups for 2013 so I guess it's not too early for me to start the lotto discussion for 2013.

First of all, I'm having fun managing it this year and would be willing to do it again next year unless someone really wants to do it.

I would love suggestions for blocks or themes in 2013. I have some ideas already and by December I would like to be able to post the patterns for the full year. I want to keep the blocks simple enough so that even newer quilters can participate and the blocks can be completed in an evening or two. But I want them to be interesting enough so more experienced quilters want to join in. I know we all don't have a big stash of fabrics, so I've tried to keep the requirements simple enough so you could either use stash scraps or only have to buy a couple fat quarters. Classic quilt block designs are fun and important to the history of our craft, so I would probably continue to use those throughout the year. Stars, log cabins, flying geese... classic and fun. Maybe in 2013 we can even tackle a curve and do a Drunkard's Path block!

Do you like the 'quilters' choice' months with no set block? Color themes? Specific blocks, but no color direction? One theme to tie all the blocks for the year together? Do you want to try something new or stick with what we know? Should we do paper piecing one month? Here's your chance to make suggestions!

You can either post comments here or send me an email.


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Kate, You have and are doing a wonderful job this year and it's nice of you to offer again. This is my first time through and I've enjoyed all of the blocks thus far.
For 2013: I like the idea of having at least one month of a paper pieced block. I'd also like to try the Drunkards Path, however, not sure how fair that is since I've never tried a curve! Other ideas: one month a batik only block, and another a reproduction fabric; would a simple applique block be doable???
Just some ideas...

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Just wait 'til you see the paper pieced block I'm thinking of adding to this year's lotto for December!!!

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I think you're doing an absolutely fabulous job hosting the lotto!

About the only type of lotto I don't prefer (but would still participate in) is Quilter's Choice block. I won a black/white lotto with such random styles of blocks that I couldn't make a cohesive, pleasing quilt with them. It's because there are so many ways to divide the 12" block.

I guess I prefer a theme - possibly because I am often a victim of analysis paralysis, LOL.

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I'm not crazy about Quilters Choice either for the same reason you mention: the blocks don't always play well together. And I'm not crazy about applique because fusible and machine applique can work well for a wall hanging but I don't really like them in a blankie-type quilt. I realize these are personal preferences though so if you all like them then I would consider including them.

This reminds me that I used to think the reproduction fabric prints from the 30's & 40's were kind of "fluffy" and not at all to my taste. Until I did one for a 2009 birthday block for Bill L. (Remember Bill/blocke?) I was smitten! The block was charming and suddenly I couldn't get enough of these fabrics. Sometimes, you don't know what you'll like until you give it a try. Birthday Blocks and Lottos are perfect for trying new things.


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I was wondering how long the Lotto has been going on? and what blocks have already been done.
Perhaps those members who have been doing these for a few years would like something different or new or using different fabrics, or colours. It's wide open isn't it Kate? I am sure you will make the right choices.
Since this is really my first year at this (I did 2 last year), I am open for anything (except maybe applique).

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I think you've done a wonderful job, Kate. And it's so much fun to find something in your stash that's just perfect for a particular block. I had to buy only a couple of fabrics.

I think a paper-pieced block would be fun. Personally, I think some guidance on colors or block styles is a good way to insure that the blocks "play together well," as you say.

I really liked the way you organized it last year, and I would vote for another year just like it. Thanks for being willing to do it again. Lois

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Theresa, I don't know how long it's been going on. A long time I think. I found this forum in 2007 and it was happening then.

I was thinking it would be OK to repeat a couple of the most popular blocks from this year because obviously a lot of people liked them but only one person got to win the blocks.

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Kate, Even though I didn't participate every month this year, I've been following the process each month. I like that you already had each months block already chosen, and most of them made for an example. In doing this, it gives each person to not only use this as a 'lotto' but to also use it as a BOM to make in whatever colors/fabrics we would want for our own quilt. In doing so, maybe there could be several options of another 'round' (the same per block) making the block 15 1/2" ..... I've seen this done at several BOM sites and it ties all the blocks together. Just a thought for anyone interested in looking at this in another way.

Sorry if this isn't explained very well....I'm still under the influence.


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I really enjoyed this year's lotto for several reasons. The block choices were really fun, all of them to my liking (except I may sit out the applique, we'll see). I like the quilter's choice, but it really has to be emphasised that they have to stand alone. IOW, I can take them or leave them.

I was thinking about this just this morning, and wondering when you'd ask. I remember one lotto some time ago, and I can't for sure remember who was hosting it then. Instead of doing three blocks total, we did one large block because the pattern consisted of four smaller blocks. I just finished a carpenter's wheel for my current quilt, and it's just so beautiful that I am wondering if we couldn't consider that for one month if enough people seem interested. Less people may contribute, but you really don't need a lot of contributors for a quilt using 24" blocks and it was a hoot the last time we did this and we had a decent participation. You're doing a great job, and I'm happy you are willing to do it yet another year. I have been partipating since Vickie was hosting it and of all the things I think has helped me with my quilting, it has been participating in the Lotto and doing patterns I may not have chosen if left to my own devices. It's been the inspiration for most of my quilts, actually.

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Mary_c said, "I guess I prefer a theme - possibly because I am often a victim of analysis paralysis, LOL. " Funny - me too! I also don't care for Quilter's Choice.

Kate~You've done a remarkable job managing the Lotto this year. You injected alot of enthusiasm, and got a great response each month.

I would like more direction and exploration into the use of colors and shadings, and less scrappy - but that's just my personal preference. Looking at the BOM thread - wow - gorgeous quilts, and it was the color choices that gave them the wow factor.

Whatever you decide will be great. I suggest you ask some of us to be block testers, to help you shoulder some of the workload. Thank you again!

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New to the group, but so far have loved all the blocks I've seen. I was mad for the blue and yellow, but didn't get any made. Now I've made an entire blue and yellow/yellow green quilt! I really like the inspiration of trying new things I might not have done too.

Wonderful that you're willing to lead again. There's no way to please 100% of the participants, but it sounds like most of us are flexible.

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I am new to the Lotto. Kate I think you are doing an awesome job and would love for you to host again in 2013! I would like the blocks for all 12 months to be the same size and have cohesiveness in color and theme so all 12 month blocks play well together so if each of us makes an extra block to keep at home that at the end of the year at home with the 1 block we kept for ourselves each month would all go together and make a cohesive sampler quilt. I have never made a sampler quilt and would love to make one, everyone can't be a winner each month, but if we all make a block to keep and block to send then at the end of the year each person participating would have enough blocks to make a sampler quilt. It's late and I'm rambling I like scrappy in that I like to be able to work from my stash during the year without having to buy a ton of fabric each month - cause that is not in my budget, but I still want fabrics to play well with each other, nobody wants an ugly quilt. I like the idea of using the same size blocks every month so they will all fit together nicely for a sampler quilt at the end of the year - and if I am working with the motivation of making a sampler quilt I think that might get me more motivated to participate in every month and be less likely to sit some months out. And I like the idea of 12" blocks or 24" inch blocks that can be made by creating 4 smaller blocks to make up the 24" block - I have never done a block 24" size, but if I could break it down to 4 smaller blocks that could be sewn together that sounds doable. And I do NOT like quilters choice I have experienced that in another swap and I found that some of the quilters choices weren't what I would want in a quilt and it made it very difficult to make a quilt cohesive. I know I am rambling, it's late. But please let's all make a BOM each month that will be an entry for the Lotto and will be a part of a sampler quilt at each person's home, I think there will be higher participation this way, even if we do 24" blocks and each person just submits 1 block per month for the lotto. Just a thought. Kate I know you will make wonderful decisions for the 2013 Lotto and I look forward to it. :-)

Best to you,

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Ooh, how to say this Sandra, without hurting feelings?

Of course, anyone is able to make a block to send and one to keep in the lotto, but that isn't how I view the block lotto at all.

Follow the guidelines, make the 1 or 2 or 3 blocks, send them off with your dollar. If you win, Hooray, if not, no big deal. I usually send in the 3 blocks and my dollar, but tell Kate to keep me out of the drawing.

I don't want to "follow along", make an extra block, and have a sampler at the end of the year. I don't work that way.

I would find it limiting for the hostess to try and find blocks and/or color combinations that would work that way over an entire year. Each month should have it's own color combination and/or block pattern.

My last block lotto win yielded 28 or so blocks - and I kept my name in that lotto because I thought I could make 2 Quilts of Valor from the winnings - and so I am.

Your particular paradigm is more appropriate for the birthday block exchange, where each participant can dictate the parameters of the blocks they would like to receive.

I would rather the block lotto not be limited - one still has the ability to participate or not, every month.

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Geezerfolks- Great idea to make an extra lotto block to keep each month in colors you would use yourself to have a quilt at the end of the year!

Kate - I like the finished quilts better if they have cohesive colors. Just my two cents!

You have done a great job with the lotto!


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To make a sampler quilt using the lotto blocks can be an easy decision for any participant. Just decide what colors you want your quilt to be and make one for yourself each month in those colors. Better yet, use the same fabrics each month so it's truly cohesive. I was going to do that, using black white and a bit of red in each one. Val did it and posted her picture in the BOM thread; her blocks look great !

Thanks for all the comments and ideas! Keep 'em coming!

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Thank you for hosting the lotto - you are doing a great job. I like having the patterns selected for the year and appreciate your block samples.

I am not a fan of applique or paper piecing, but that is part of the beauty of the lotto - you don't have to participate. I would probably give paper piecing a try, but definitely not on applique.

Drunkard's Path would be a fun addition. Curves aren't as hard as they look.
I agree with Mary that Quilter's choice might be better in Birthday blocks. A batik block also might be fun.

Thanks again for your hard work!

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Mary you did not hurt my feelings one bit; I enjoy hearing your input. Thanks Kate, I like your idea of how I could make a block to send to the lotto with the lotto colors specified for that month and then make a block to keep each month just make it in separate colors that I would use in a sampler quilt just for me.

I have never made a block with curves that was not applique, so if we do a curved block one month for the lotto if is a simple pattern then I would definitely like to try it as that is something I have not done before and think that would be a good learning curve.

Also I have not done paper piecing, but would like to learn as DH wants me to do a paper piecing lighthouse quilt for him, so a paper piecing block one month I think I would like to try as well. Here is my question though when you paper piece do you use a bonding material like Steam-A-Seam2 to keep the fabric in place while you stitch it down with like applique hand stitch or is this something that is done with tucked under hidden seams? If we do a paper piecing block maybe Kate could give us some instructions on how to do it, cause I have no idea how to do it.

With everyone's input it sounds like we are going to have an exciting 2013 Lotto. I am eager and look forward to it.

Best to you and many thanks,

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I am enjoying the lotto very much. Thank you for being willing to coordinate again next year Kate.

I like quilters choice because it gives me a chance to be creative and either try something new or make something that I know I'm good at making. With that said, I've never won the lotto, so I've never had to put together a bunch of blocks that don't play well!

I'm up for paper piecing, applique, batik, 1930's, Drunkard's Path etc. It all sound good to me. I am less fond of very specific color requirements and I think you have done a great job of giving guidelines without making it too picky.

Thanks again for making this so much fun.

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It's been so much fun! Since I'm new to quilting, it's much easier for me to be told which pattern to use and what colors!! This is the first time I've ever pieced a block using a pattern and have learned lots - mostly that I still have LOTS to learn! The time, effort and care that you have put into this Lotto, Kate, is unreal and I thank you THANK YOU for making it so easy and so much fun for so many folks! (I don't have a clue how to applique or paper piece!) Oh, btw...the pictures of the examples were a HUGE help to me...also I 100% love that each block is the same size. GREAT JOB, Miss K8 !

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I haven't participated this year because of overwhelming other life obligations and events. But just a note regarding paper piecing. I offered paper pieced lottoes during the year I hosted, and only had, I think, 2 participants. Just make sure you really do have people willing to try this before you use it for a lotto month.

I hope to participate again next year in the monthly blocks. Regarding Quilter's Choice... one option might be to have the choice within a style.. for example, any star block, or any 9 patch based block. That way they'd be easier for the winner to set.


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Kay, those are good points!

I think I was one of the two participants for the paper piecing when you did it. It was my first try and a good way to learn. I was instantly hooked!

We've done two quilters choice this year. The first was January where the only direction was red/white although I suggested heart patterns or fabric. The results were almost overwhelming we had so many blocks and Marsha's resulting quilt is beautiful but I'm sure it was hard to mix all those blocks. Gwen won the blue/yellow stars qc recently and hasn't done her quilt yet but I bet it will be much easier to put all those stars together.


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It was very hard to get the QC blocks I won to play together nicely, but fortunately, I won a lot of blocks, so I had leeway, but I had to add sashing. I am very happy with the setting, and I will use the remainder blocks on the back or make a separate small quilt with them. They will get used!
Did I say I am very happy? :~) So, I agree specifying a Star or other theme AND in 4 patch or 9 patch (parameters) will definitely make it easier, if you decide to include Quilter's choice.

I think if it ain't broke-don't fix it! What you've done for this year has been working! Having samples and the list of blocks ahead of time is a huge help! Thank you again!

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Posting this in response to Sandra's question about paper piecing. I was taught to paper piece in a class by a well-known instructor and the method was to copy the design onto freezer paper. You then lightly iron the fabric to the freezer paper and it makes it really easy to keep all the fabric in place. I always do it that way - transfer from the regular paper pattern onto freezer paper and then use the freezer paper pattern for the actual sewing.
Hope that helps. If you never have a problem keeping the pieces where you want them, then it's not an issue. I just thought I would add this as a suggestion. Hope it helps someone!

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