Recommend wood interior closet bypass doors?

bobeliciousMarch 28, 2014

For a new closet, I need recommendations for 72" wide by 80" high bypass (sliding) wood doors, possibly with mirrors. I went to HD and Lowes today and was not impressed with any of the aluminum ones on the floor and no wood products were shown. Not impressed with wood doors at these stores based on on-line reviews so was wondering where to get reasonably priced good quality ones.

If I go to a local lumber dealer, what would be good to ask for? Budget is less than $1,000. Any advice for on-line ordering is welcome as well. I live in San Francisco so any local bay area contacts are also appreciated.


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Sure, from plain hollow core luan too a decorative.

It easy to have glass vendor laminate a mirror to hollow core luan, however, if you elect to do that you;ll need a truck and track system to handle the weight.

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could you use barn doors with the outside track....some are very attractive.

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Why not match the other doors in your home?

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After a bit of research and considering replacing a few other doors on the same floor , I've decided to look for solid wood, 5-panel, to stain (not paint). I like the frosted panels on the 72" width (2x 36" bypass doors for the closet), and all wood (including panels) for 3 other doors, would also be 5-panel (also solid wood doors, stained same as closet door), 1 x (30"x"80), 2 x (36"x"80). For closet w/ frosted panels I was quoted Hemlock wood for $399 (for each 36" wide door) and Mahogany for $299 each. For Hemlock all wood (including panels), price was $169 and White Oak $259. Do these prices seem reasonable?

Any advantage other than looks for the 2 types of wood, for instance, weight, susceptibility to warping, etc ?

All doors are 1 3/8" width which seems standard. I am a bit concerned about how heavy they might be, especially for sliding and being quiet, but I imagine that might more depend on the hardware quality.

Not crazy about the barn door look myself but thanks for the feedback.


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I decided not to go with the frosted panels (these were actually matte) due to the transparency. For these types of panels I suggest considering how messy the area behind the panels will be. For us, and our closet, and mid-messy people, I thought the look would be awful (especially for a single panel). I asked the sales guy to stand 2 feet behind the door to test, and decided to all doors will be 4-panel wood :-).

Thanks everyone!

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Bob, could you tell me where you got your quotes from? I'm in need of doors for 2 closets, and I'm also in the Bay Area (San Francisco actually, despite my screen name :-)).

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SJHockeyfan, Caldwell's in SF. They have a showroom which is nice. You can also get quotes from Beronio Windows & Doors. They are near each other.

btw, I'm a die hard NY Rangers fan :-) Looking froward to the playoffs!

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Thanks Bob.


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