New driveway help - please

yankcaMarch 11, 2014

Hi, attaches is a photo-( i hope)- looking at pavers. House is very busy- used brick, tile staircase, aggregate with brick below staircase, bats and lots of railing in horizontal and vertical. Need help in color, pattern and style type of pavers. Want a driveway that enhances and matches the house, not just a pretty driveway. Thank you in advance. Ps live in ca, thus no extreme weather.

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Spend that 30K elsewhere. Get a more invisible railing and address some landscaping needs. Or windows. Or half of a kitchen redo. Pavers wouldn't substantially improve anything there.

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A couple od questions;
How far inside the "berm-curb" is your property line?
What are the city/counties requirements for the "X" and will they permit a decorative product in the street right of way?

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What is wrong with what you have now? There is so much going on the plain driveway looks better than a busier one would.

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Fori is not pleased

I don't think I'd do pavers--I'd do simple concrete or even aggregate. Dekeo is right--you have a lot going on already (and it really looks quite nice) and you don't want to turn "Pretty house with nice landscaping" into "DRIVEWAY with house or something behind it".

Right now you have the classic midcentury house in the California hills thing going and it's a good thing. The driveway is there but not emphasized and plays into the semi rural feel of it. I realize you might need a new drive, and new asphalt is going to feel wrong because it's just so black. But concrete is classic, and aggregate (not the pink stuff!) would blend in as well.

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We have a stone home. The drive is plain concrete (colored gray) and the boarder (about 18") is stamped concrete - colored to look like pavers. Wears well and is a lot cheaper than pavers.

To me, your drive looks just fine just the way it is!

What looks busy / dated is that white railing - I think replacing it with something more contemporary would give the house a different look.

Also what ever is growing to the left of the downstairs window - makes the home unbalanced.

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Hi, thank you all for your comments. To start with answering some questions. My neighbors all have their driveways to the actual street thus I believe I will be able to. My railing is new thus is staying with us. House and railing are both a sandstone colour I.e. not white. The plant next to the downstairs window is a Bougainvillea, it's winter(in this area that means we drop down into the 50s during the day and 40s at night). Just had it trimmed back today. I am also looking at New landscaping any ideas? After reading concrete versus pavers I'm concerned about cracking with concrete. We are right on the water (cliff )on the central part of state of California. Our climate is considered Mediterranean. I received two estimates for pavers $16,500 and $18,500 with the third coming in in two days. I believe it's about 1400 ft.ò approximately. I was first leaning toward concrete but after looking at neighbors with their's cracked I have a lot of concerns. I don't want to add to the confusion of the house , consequently I'm at a loss what to do. Last note ��" the house was built about 1991.

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Fori is not pleased

There is a landscape design forum on Gardenweb--I'd take it there. They're good.

But seriously, pavers may not be cheap but they usually look it.

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Can look for a sandstone driveway. Check out projects.

Here is a link that might be useful: sandstone driveway

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Over 28 years ago, I had a new driveway put in...I had them tint it gray...Which was unheard of back then...For it's age, still looks pretty good...few seam cracks.

Telling you this...cement might be the way to go. Not sure how long pavers, weight of vehicles, etc.

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