Squaring up a quilt. top

josie1960September 18, 2011

I am a complete newbie when it comes to squaring up a quilt. Does anyone have suggestions about how to do it.



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Josie I prefer to square up the blocks as I go then the final quilt is OK.
I get really annoyed when a pattern doesn't say that the 4 patch should be 6x6 or what ever.
My method is to starch, press, and square up as I go.

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I do like Rosa, but have found when I quilt, things can get a bit out of square. I "cheat" by making the outer border about 1/2 inch wider than I want it to end up being. After the quilting is done I can use my 6 x 24 inch ruler, trim and square it up before putting on the binding.


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After years of trial and error.....I square up units of a block and then make sure the block is the correct size as they're made. Then make sure each border is the same size.

Rosa, I agree. If a block has a lot of pieces that make up a unit and there isn't a size of the unit stated, I get really disgusted. If I can't easily figure it out, I pass it by. I figure it's an incomplete pattern. @:)


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Put me in with those who have already commented. If your blocks are all square and your seams are a consistant 1/4", then your quilt will be square.

However, if its put together and it isn't square there are a couple things you can do. Measure across the middle side-to-side to determine the size of top and bottom borders; measure down the center top-to-bottom to determine side borders. Pin well at center and ends, then 'make it fit'. This will work even if your sides are off by a couple inches. Quilting will smooth out pouchy sections.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the help. I don't usually have to square up the top but this one I'm doing now really needs it. I don't know what happened but I think the borders may have been off.I used broadcloth and that's the first and last time I'll do that. I'm thinking of ripping them out and redoing or maybe I'll just put it aside for now and do something else. Thanks again.

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Josie what size is it?? Fold it in half and see how much it is off. Sometimes you can trim a small amount off to square it and it doesn't really show.

Folding it in half you can also tell if the blocks match up.

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Josie, don't feel bad. The first Quilts of Valor I did had lots of half square triangles in star blocks and one of the fabrics stretched more on the bias than the others. The first few rows went together OK, but by the time I got to the fourth and fifth rows, those little fractions of difference ended up being an inch and then a little bit more! I did have to take some of it apart and I cut off a few points to square up a couple blocks. But in the end none of those things were noticeable and the quilt looked fine. As quilters we stress over things that the end users never see. Don't give up on your quilt! I bet it will be fine.


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