Gutter problems

aiallegaFebruary 22, 2013

We live in a small older home with a front porch. We used to be able to sit on the porch when it rained because it stayed perfectly dry. Well, this past summer we had a new ceiling put up covering an old bead board one and at the same time had new aluminum trim and gutters replaced. The gutter runs the length of the porch. The new gutters are the large ones. Now for some reason about half of the front porch gets very wet. The floor and the rest of the porch is brick.

(I now realize a picture would really help but it's too dark right now). The porch is somewhat protected by trees and bushes so I feel the problem is with the new gutters. They are clean and drain well. I had the guys who installed everything back out and they do not see any problem with them. No surprise there.

Does anyone have any ideas why the rain water is now coming onto the porch? Any ideas what to do to fix this? Any help appreciated!

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umm - these are just guesses, but here goes -
the water splashes onto the porch from the downspout?
the water falls through a crack before it enters the gutter?
a nail from the gutter made a hole in the roof?
A downspout from further up got disconnected?

You can test it with a hose. Have a spotter, and try the hose directly into thew downspout, starting at the lowest entry and if that shows nothing, move up the roof spot by spot.

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Thank you lyvia for your input. Everything is connected but I never thought of a hole. I'm thinking there could now be a space behind the new gutters where water gets through. I'm going to get up there with a ladder this weekend. I have read about a gutter or roof apron which I'm going to check for.

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