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EShatzApril 12, 2013

Hey everyone,

Please take a look at my kitchen design.

I was planning on using Ikea. I was debating between a 30" sink cab & a 36" cab. The 24" lower will have a Nutid microwave below the counter. Floor tiles will be 2'x2' terrazzo tile, backsplash will be white marble subway tile. Countertop will be custom stainless steel with an integral sink. I was debating between the Sofielund doors on the lowers or getting walnut doors from Scherr's or Semihandmade.

Also, if I go with the custom doors on the lower I will $370 away from the 20% discount. Any ideas on how to get the full 20% (or if I should even try)?


Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Plan

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I am afraid that we cannot see your plans (without installing Ikea software, which few people will likely to). Can you post some views of your layout, including the all-important overhead view with dimensions?

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Here is the plan view. I can also post elevations if that helps. Also, as for appliances I was looking at the 30" NXR range, a Liebherr 36" french door fridge, the Broan E6436SS hood, the Ikea 24" Nutid microwave, and the Ikea Nutid dishwasher.

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Elevation 1

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Elevation 2

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Are you planing on using a single bowl sink? Most double bowl sink require a 36" sink base cabinet.

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How many are you (or whoever will be using the kitchen) cooking for? How many will be using the kitchen?

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I am planning on using a single bowl sink.

The kitchen is mostly used to cook for two, but occasionally as many as 20. Max of 2 people using the kitchen at once due to the small size.

I can't go any bigger as it's in an NYC apartment & there are wet over dry rules.

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Do you mind that the dishwasher is to the left of the sink? I see that this may be the only possible configuration unless you can move the range.
What are wet over dry rules?

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push the sink to the a stack of cabinets or roll out pantry at 12 in between sink and wall on right....add the remaining inches in a stack on left side. You want a decent run to left of sink because you come in and use that first stretch of counter as well grab from fridge and want space right across. In small urban kitchens you have to eek out what you can.the range and fridge wall looks pretty good but I would personally probably forego the pantry and push the fridge to within 2-3 in of wall thereby gaining space between fridge and range as well. does this urban apt really need a pantry-I lived there and found so much eating out and bringing in semi prepared foods-you do have cabs and a rather large fridge. perhaps the 24 in Liebherr with the pantry is a better combo-36 in Liebherr is a family of five sized fridge.

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Thanks for all the input everyone. I've decided that I'm going to move the range away from the corner (as long as I can do it without permits).

Anyone else have any thoughts on the 36" vs the 24" fridge? The 24" built-in is only 10 CF, I was concerned it would be too small, but I do like the extra counter space I'd gain & the cost savings of the smaller fridge.

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