little gracie 2 quilting frame

ralfsmomSeptember 17, 2009

does anyone have this frame and what is your opinion of it ralfsmom

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I have it. The frame itself is quite usable -- sturdy, easy to use. You're limited to queen size and smaller quilts, though. If you have any specific questions, let me know.

The one thing you really need to examine, though, is the machine that you use on it. I bought a Juki TLQ98E, which has a 9 inch throat. At the time, I thought that would be big enough, but the reality is, once the quilt is rolled up inside the throat area, you are _really_ limited in how much space you have to work in (we're talking like 4 or 5 inches) -- it's hard to get much of a design going in that space, and it seems likely to me that you'd really only be able to do stippling.

I've personally decided to get rid of the Juki and get a bigger machine that will still work on the Little Gracie II. I've been looking pretty closely at Bailey sewing machines -- they're relatively affordable, and would give a much bigger throat space.

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I would like to not limit yourself by purchasing the smallest or cheapest. It rarely pays off.

I have a Bailey 13" Home Quilter on a GMQ Pro frame, which will extend up to 124" but my room will not allow, so it is set up for 104"

When I was researching my purchase, I learned very quickly that most women who had bought small frames and small machines, really did not fully understand their limitations. I decided early on that this was not an option for me. I know some people make them work, but their ability to quilt is very limited.

I joined 4 forums (this one included) to learn what other quilters were buying and why. Bailey came up rather quickly. And once I realized the difference, I knew this was what I wanted.

Bailey has a 15" arm machine and has now come out with a 17" arm. Chuck Bailey has his ear to the ground and is doing everything he can to provide good quality machines for home quilters. He also provided after-sale customer service that is not found in the wholesale businesses.

I will be happy to answer questions from those interested in the Bailey machine. I have had mine 2 years and produce a large number of charity quilts. I am also 75 years old, so older persons and use these easily.

June in Cincinnati

Here is a link that might be useful: BAILEY HOME QUILTING MACHINES

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You're exactly right, mamabear. I thought I had done my research when I bought the Juki -- so many other people seemed to be doing okay with it. But as soon as I started working with it, I almost immediately realized the throat space was just not going to be big enough to make me happy. I have so many things I want to do, that I just can not do with that machine.

Can you talk more about your Bailey? Are you happy with the 13"? What kind of quilting do you do with it (patterns, free motion, etc) Do you have the stitch regulator that goes with it?

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I too have been looking at Bailey's 15" and the little gracie 2 frame. My sewing room is only 10' x 12' that big enough for this frame set up?

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I don't have the long arm machine but I do know Chuck Bailey and have bought my Janomes from him He is a great fellow and a good crafts man. I would indorse him and his product any day. I believe that the machine in ? was develoved by him with the assistance of Janome but I may be mistaken. He is well respected by anyone all that I have met that know him. Jayne

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