Question about tiles with dings on them

ashgirlJune 27, 2013

Below is the tile that I picked for our master bath. It has little dings on them and they make it look more like natural stone, which I like. But I'm getting paranoid that those little dings will get filled with dirt over the time. Did any one else have these kind of thoughts? Can some one who has those kind of tiles give some insight into this issue. TIA

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I have similar tile except lighter in color. The "dings" do not fill with dirt. My house cleaning service mops it every 2 weeks. We do not have children at home, nor do we have pets, so, we don't get dirt tracked into the house.

However, when I had the kitchen remodeled, I had to have some extra tile laid (I had initially bought extra because I knew the remodel was coming). The tile guy who laid the first tile did not get grout in the dings. The tile guy who laid the extra tile did. I have not been able to get that out. Make sure you clearly instruct your tile setter to thoroughly clean all of the dings, then closely inspect his work as soon as you can get on the tile.

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We have similar tiles on a table outside. All it takes is a little soap and water with a brush to clean and that is after being outside for months. Easy peasy.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

We have that type tile and the little dents have never filled with dirt.

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