Ugly foam on new roof :(

rockybirdFebruary 6, 2013

I'm trying to remodel a midcentury modern home. The previous owner raised the roof and placed a ugly fascia around the perimeter. I am restoring it to its original height. So, today I came home and saw this ugly foam on the chimney. The roof ctr. says it is necessary, but is coming to look at it tomorrow. It is ugly! I hate it! Can anything be done?

The chimney is not attached to a fireplace as I gutted the ugly 15 foot dirty rock fireplace that was added. The fireplace was hideous. I am going to be adding a master bedroom/bathroom addition and tearing out the chimney in a few yrs (architect working on a plan now), so maybe I am making a big deal out of nothing? I just dont want to look at it over the next few yrs until then! Thank you for any help!

New roof! Now just need stucco and paint...

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Where is the foam? Covering all of the chimney or just part? (the picture is really hard for me to determine what exactly we are looking at).

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Thanks kirkhall. It's covering part of the side of the chimney. The picture minimizes it. It is a very ugly blob.
I will try to get a better pic tomorrow.

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You took a chimney down inside the house, but didn't take the portions off that penetrated the roof? How is that weight structurally supported then? That's the complete opposite way of properly deconstructing a fireplace. You do the bit above the roofline first, and then work your way down. If some substantial provisions weren't made for supporting all of that weight, then I suggest getting that chimney removed ASAP or else your new roof may collapse into the house from the weight of the chimney! It would be the best option at this point even if it's fully supported by a steel beam underneath. The ideal time to fix or eliminate roof penetrations is when you are having roofwork done.

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Maybe I mispoke. The chimney is still in place. It runs along exterior of the house. The fireplace hole is drywalled over. The stone facade on the interior was demoed.

I left it in place because I didnt know what I wanted to do ultimately with the house....maybe add the fireplace back on the inside, or create an outdoor fireplace. As of a couple weeks ago, I decided to add a master addition to that side of the house, which would require demoing the chimney. Initiially we thought we would incorporate the fireplace into the master. But it is not in an optimal location for this. I do not think it will be a big deal to demo the chimney then, as it is in the way of the addition, which will require a new roof that will go over the chimney.

The architect looked at the pic of the chimney and said foam roofers are notorious for this and that the foam does need to be there. He said that since we ultimately will tear the chimney down for the new addition, not to worry about it. I still hate it though!

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Fori is not pleased

I dunno. I think you should fix it if possible, but I also think you should keep the chimney cuz it's cool and integrated so nicely (except for the blob) into the side of the house.

Is it really hurting anything, sitting there all orphaned? (If it weren't hosting the blob I mean.)

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Thanks fori. I called the roofer and complained. They did fix it up, so it looks better. Once it is painted, it'll look better.

I know - they did a good job on the block work with that chimney, which is an add on. I have pics from the original house and the plans, and this was not present then. However, I think it will be in the way of a master addition. I'll see what the architect comes up with, though. Maybe he will be able to integrate it in.


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