How to remove full wall mirrors

livinwellFebruary 16, 2008

I desperately want to get rid of the mirrored walls. Is this something I can do as DIY? If not who would handle this typr of job. I realize I will have to hire someone to repair/replace the drywall after the mirror is removed.

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Hire it done professionaly by a reputable glass shop. This is something they do safely and sanely and is one of those projects worth shelling out the dinero for. Safety first!

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With mirros like that, I would get a estimate from a glass company. I know I wouldn't tackle that job. 8 ft high mirrors,wow. If one of those shattered you could be seriously injured with the broken glass if you are not wearing plenty of protection. They may have a way of breaking the bond of the mirror to the dywall without shattering the mirror. Maybe pulling them loose with suction cups? Plus I wouldn't want to clean up all the shards. If you did it you would probably have to rent a small dumpster. That amount of broken glass The garbage collectors won't take it. mirrors that big are really heavy.

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Thank you both for the quick response. I will definitely heed your advice and get a couple of estimates from the professionals.

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I brought in a guy who does demo (well, 2 BIG guys!) -- they puts large tarps down -- got out very large crowbars -- and the mirrors broke off in pieces.

(the mirrors in my house were glued to the wall). In some houses they are installed on metal tracks -- in which case a glass shop could remove them with little or no breakage.

I think it could be DIY -- but it wasn't too expensive at all, to have it done, and they carted all the broken stuff away.

No doubt, you could break it up DIY -- but how would you dispose of it? And those large pieces are so dangerous -- one slip -- and you could be badly injured.

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what was the condition of your walls once removed?

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We just did this with giant mirrors afixed to our fireplace. Took about 1 hour for the glass company to remove. Now we need to fix the drywall. You can see the condition of the drywall underneath in this picture (sorry -- it's a partial shot). There were also a couple of holes in the drywall where the glue really stuck to the mirrors.

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IF you decide to do this yourself..I suggest tape tape and more tape. Then hit the mirror to break it many places. Always work above the area you are prying at the time and work from the top to bottom. Wear protective eye wear and heavy work gloves. I personally would hire it done

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