QOTD (Sept. 10) Mothers and Daughters

sandlapper_roseSeptember 10, 2011

I wonder how many mother - daughter combinations there are on the Quilting Forum. My daughter and I both belong (sandlapper_rose and dragonflyUSC). I know of two other mother and daughter pairs, but I will leave it up to them if they want to post it here. Do we have any other family relationships where both are members of the Quilt Forum on GardenWeb?

I should have thought of asking this one for Mother's Day! LOL


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Not me!!! I have one daughter and she teaches and home schools. She loves my quilts, but she is not interested in making one (at this point she is too busy).

She shares my passion for gardening!

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No, I have one daugher that has made a quilt and helps me with my layouts but isn't very active.
I have another daughter that sews but more interested in clothes and household things. Has several of my creations and looks for more.

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My daughter is a quilter off and on but isn't interested in online social groups. Maybe someday. She does follow what I do and make but that's about all. I toss scraps to her now and then.

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Salijo is my oldest daughter. She has many talents (including musical) and has a great eye for detecting shades of color that go together. Because of her interest in other crafts, I'm the avid quilter. The other 2 girls are my armchair enthusiasts. @:)


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No daughters for me - but my mother is an active quilter. She enjoys the things I show her from the forum, but she doesn't get involved with the online stuff much! I do love asking her for advice / sharing my ideas with her.

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This is a neat question and I like reading how many of you share your quilting with mothers and daughters. My mother was an avid clothing maker but only made a few quilts. She loved her time at the sewing machine though and we were always able to share that.

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My daughter is interested in quilting and has a great eye for color and design.She is extremely busy with her business and doesn't have time for quilting. Hopefully one day she will have more time for quilting.
Linda OH

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My daughter is an excited beginner quilter, but since she's only 10, she's not allowed on forums yet.

My mother was mostly a garment sewer, but she is working to finish her first quilt! However, she can barely turn on a computer and would never be able to find her way here! LOL

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That's a great question! My mom has already answered for us. I don't get on the forum all the time, but I lurk more often than post.

Unfortunately, I have so many interests, that I can't master any one of them. Sometimes I get discouraged because there is so much I want to do, I can't decide and end up doing nothing.


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I am the only quilter in my very large extended family. None of my ancestors on either side ever made a quilt that anyone has ever heard of, LOL.

My son (24 yo) can sew on a machine if he needs to repair something - usually a bike jersey, but at this point he's not interested in sewing for sewing's sake. But that's hardly surprising - he's in grad school, has a job, and a girlfriend.

What thrilled me is when he brought a couple of cycling buddies over for the afternoon, and they all wanted to see my studio, and hear about the Quilts of Valor. DS is evidently proud of me for those quilts.

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My daughter is only 10 and is too busy with tumbling, cheer leading and most recently, ballet, to do much sewing. She has shown some interest, so maybe one of these days????? I do get her opinion on layout and colors at times. Her eye is definitely improving with age, LOL!!


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Neither of my daughters has ever been near a sewing machine although they can manage to sew on a button. They are however, always looking for finished baby quilts to give as gifts at baby showers.

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