Fiberglass Door vs. Wood Door

DonchikFebruary 10, 2014

Initially I would think that natural material is better. However, I was told that fiberglass door doesn't warp and virtually indistinguishable from the wood door. What is your opinion? Pros and Cons for fiberglass and wood entry doors?

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Lots of factors to be included in the opinion.

Things like which direction the door faces. North facing in winter get punished by cold/snow/etc. South facing doors get heat in summer, South facing fiberglas doors have been known to disfigure due to excess heat.

Storm doors can help or hinder a doors longevity.

Pros of wood doors:
Lots of different natural colors.
Lots of intricate details possible.
Strength is usually high

Cons of wood doors:
Wood moves with weather(temp and humidity)
Wood has to be finished(painting hides the grain. Clear finishes have to be periodically renewed)
Wood doors are heavier.
Wood door parts can separate due to weather.
Real wood doors are much more expensive that clad doors.

Fiberglas doors are simply wood cores covered in a fiberglas shell. They can have asimilar look to wood, but have to be painted/stained to have a grain pattern. Like vinyl siding having a texture like wood but the look of plastic.

I have steel doors on my house---wood cores with a steel cover.

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R values of fiberglass doors can be significantly higher than wood (if they incorporate a foam layer), which can be very important depending on climate. Some of the better ones look pretty decent, rather than having "the look of real wood".

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I have a fiber glass door, Therma-tru. It came with wood grain appearance, and I stained it. It is my north facing front door. It opens to a covered porch and has a storm door, so no problems with weather and no problems with heat. Several contractors who have come to the house have thought it was wood and complimented its appearance. I am very happy with it for what it's worth.


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My door will be facing South. And the house is in Chicago North Burbs.

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Hi Donchik, I am also in the Chgo burbs (NW).

While some fiberglass doors were beautiful to look at, they felt like plastic.

When I knocked on the fiberglass door - it sold me on replacing my wood door with another wood door.

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There are some good fakes, but, if you have an eye for detail, you can't mistake a fiberglass door for wood in my opinion. I don't like my house to look like it's made of plastic, so I won't use it for doors or siding.

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I went with fiberglass on two of our new doors. While the locations are covered they are most susceptible to blowing rain. We have painted them red. Kind of a burgundy color and we are very pleased with them. The front dorr, which is fully under cover is Burmese Teak. A friend built it and it is beautiful. Surprisingly, while I would always vote for wood doors, I saved a bit of money with the FG and they look fine and they are more stable. It's about the only place I can say that in this re-model;)

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