Master bedroom/bathroom layout

khmdmFebruary 16, 2013

We live in a 1940 bungalow and when we bought it a previous owner had done a basic master bed/bath addition at the back. About 7 years ago we did a major renovation including adding a second floor. We left part of the front of the house in original form (as you can see by the smaller rooms in the front) but took the second original bedroom and expanded the kitchen and added a family room on the main floor. We left the master bed/bath alone at that point but now it is time to expand and upgrade it.

We are struggling a bit with the layout of the bedroom/bathroom. We would like to have a built in for the TV and for display/books perhaps. Right now that is on the wall along the bed rather than opposite the bed. I am thinking of moving it across from the bed and making it much smaller just for the TV and perhaps cabinet or drawers below it.

The drawing has an entryway to the bedroom to give it a bit more distance and privacy from the stairs, kitchen etc. Right now our door is right at the bottom of the stairs. The pal does include bumping out the back on part of the space and also bumping out to the side.

You suggestions on the layout of the room and the bath layout and closet would be great.

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What's the expanded footprint of the master suite going to look like?

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This is the drawing of the expanded space. The bedroom would now be 14x18. The current footprint for the bedroom, bathroom and closet is without the bump to the left (outside wall is in line with the small original bedroom in the middle) and without the bump to the back where the tub and shower are (current outside wall is lined up to the rest of the bedroom not to the family room).

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Oops double post.

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Have you gotten estimates on this? Will there be foundation work, or are you just cantilevering over for your bump outs?

I ask because, foundation work/integrating into old will be much more $$$ than just cantilevering, if that is possible. But, cantilevering has dimensional limitations.

If you are planning to have to pay for a foundation, then go for the size you need, and not smaller/more cramped... because an extra foot or 2 of foundation really isn't that big a deal cost-wise once you are there doing the work.

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