Got a contract on house, how bad is home inspectin

kimgillSeptember 4, 2010

My old house went on the Market in May (new house to be ready in couple of weeks so timing was great). Now we have home inspection. Im really nervous about it. I dont know of anything really wrong with the house. It was built in 70's and of course the day they put in a bid the AC furnise went out so I had it replaced instead of fixed. the only things I know of is the Vent ahood makes a racket and the found out last night the whirlpool tub isnt coming on. We havent used it in years. It has a new roof, new paint job, new AC inside (2 days) ago. and new AC unit outside 2 years ago. The outside was painted last year and he was supposed to replace any rooten wood at that point. What else can I expect? thanks

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I don't think the whirlpool tub would be a big deal but all the structural things; foundation, electrical, plumbing, etc.
I think there is a home inspection website. If you "google" home inspection there is a list of what they look for.
Good Luck!

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Expect the unexpected!!!!..My guess is you'll get many minor things of no real consequence,as the HI needs to show why he is paid..Maybe a slow drain, a switch or outlet that doesn't work..A slow drip in a faucet..Something that may not be up to current code, but is perfectly fine...

When we sold our home, the HI said the furnace was original(30+- years old), and this was true,but it still worked PERFECTLY FINE..We had no intention of even beginning a dialogue on this issue..HI asked for ALL permits in any worked performed since we owned it...Didn't have them handy, went to Boro Hall to ask for copies, which they readily produced..I looked at the the
final" for the pool we installed and it said "vinyl pool",don't know why,must have been a clerical issue,as we had a gunite pool..The Bldg Dept sent me to the Tax assessor,who said their records(based on "final" permits)had us assessed at a lower rate vis-a-vie the vinyl pool, and said our taxes would increase about 200+- dollars a year based on this new info..LOL,we were moving so,the new owners got a higher tax bill in the following tax year...Sometimes, you are better off NOT opening a potentail can of worms..

Good Luck

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Go on the web and you can print out a home inspection check off sheet. Complete it and you will be surprised of all the little things you might find. If there are alot of minor problems the new potential owner might back out or ask you to repair the problems.

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My home inspection went pretty good, I would say since my house is over 30 years old. The whirlpool and the fence are the only things they want fixed. Im upset about the fence because the people buying the house saw the fince was missing some boards and the gate needed fixed but said nothing about it until the inspection. Well at least I have a contract yyyyaaa

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When I sold my mother's home, I had some real worries about the inspection issue. My realtor said to just wait and see & no I shouldn't get anything investigated ahead of time because "we don't know about most issues and we don't want to know". As it turned out, I accepted an offer at a lower than asking price and I stipulated that I would accept the offer, but that the house was "as is" in that case. I never even heard mention of the inspection, even though one was done. Good luck

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