Have you seen the flabby arm/sleeve infomercial

ruthieg__txMay 15, 2013

on TV the other night late ....that I had never seen before...it was for a little clothing item sleeve bolero contraption for flabby arms that sort of intrigued me since I obviously have flabby arms and they are getting worse as I lose weight..or just if you want to wear something under or with a sleeveless dress or blouse...you can look up the original on their facebook age by doing a search for ez sleeve ... they are really just kind of stretchy fabric and really fitted sleeves and the back part between the sleeves and a clippy thing that fits under your boobs...you can were it front to back or back to front...so I was thinking I would look it up on the internet and maybe copy it...They are to wear under summer sleeveless tops or short sleeve tops so the flab doesn't disgust everyone...here is what the original looks like on their face book page and they range in price to around $42 but I am thinking that's a little steep so I am checking out all the different sights and run across this video..so now you know I am going to have to make some ...since I know tights come in all kinds of lace and prints etc etc I see lots of cute printed summer tops and this might be the answer if I see one that I can't live with out plus I am also very chilly in the summer with all the -) air conditioning...

Here is a link that might be useful: tights for your arms

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I'm 63. And got the flabby arms, even though I do yoga and do pushups every day for about 30 yrs. I don't like the flab. But I embrace it. Like I embrace my wrinkles. I think about ALL the wonderful women in my life who died before they could get wrinkles or arm flab. This creases on my forehead are for Ellen. The smile lines on the side of my mouth are for Vivian. The crinkles around my eyes are for Hazel. And so on. If anyone finds my flabby arms disgusting, that's they problem. I EARNED them. I thank God I've lived long enough to earn them.

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The person in the demo needs sharper scissors.
I had an aunt with big, flabby upper arms. I loved them and always wanted
"Aunt Gertie" arms.
Mine are not nearly as impressive as hers were.

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thanks Ruthie! What a neat idea to increase your wardrobe.


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That looks way to hot. Not way would I wear that at least not while I'm having these hot flashes. LOL. But it is a good idea if you have a short sleeved shirt and want to keep a bit warm in the winter.

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I totally agree with what Drewsmaga said,,,,, we EARNED these wrinkles etc, the characteristics that make us who we are. And think of the women in our lives that did not live long enough to develop wrinkles or flabby arms. Unlike Drewsmaga....I, sadly, do not do yoga and pushups every day....and the 50 extra pounds I am carrying around shows that for sure.
But, I am working on losing the weight and improving my health. Actually rode a bicycle in the park on mother's day (first time on a bike in probably 45 years).
I do have a friend who would love to try the this arm flab thingie, so I will be passing on the info. Someone please let us know if it works.

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Well that video was pretty darn cool. The tights looked really good under her shirt at the end. I would have never guessed she was wearing a pair of tights.


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Really neat how it looks under the shirt and even with the sleeveless top. It does not look like re-worked tights at all.
I can see doing this in autumn/winter, but not during our hot TX summers.

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I don't see haw a pair of tights changes anything, except to make the flabby arm more colorful or lacy!

IF I am chilled, I wear an appropriate top, not a sleeveless one with tights underneath.

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Well more power to you ladies that love and want to flaunt your flabby underarms...I for one can't do anything about my wrinkles but flabby underarms I am not thrilled about and thought the idea was pretty cool...the tights have some lycra in them that supposedly keeps the flab in check...

Here in my part of TX most every where you go in the summertime the places of business have AC's set at -6 degrees so having something on your arms would be nice...

but then...too each his own...I certainly didn't mean to imply that anyone who embraces their flabby underarms was going to be required to wear them...

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What a neat idea... Being 76, I too have earned every wrinkle and sag but I just feel much better keeping those flabby arms covered...

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Here is the one that I saw one the infomercial.....

I think I will order a set...for $19 I squander that much easily on other things so it's worth it I think...

Here is a link that might be useful: These seem so cool to me...would I buy them yes

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

very creative idea! Not just for flabby arms of course since the girl in the video was quite young. I would never have thought of doing something like that with tights.
I am usually always hot so doubt I could use it, possibly in the cooler days of winter.
Thanks for the link I love creative thinkers!

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Come to think of it, I wonder why companies don't routinely produce t-shirts with elbow-length sleeves. The only places I've seen them are Orvis, and Duluth Trading Co. t-shirts have longer than normal sleeves.

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I like them! I will get mine in a few months, when they start showing up in thrift stores.

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Ruthie, I put the uTube video on my FB page, my gal pals all liked the idea. I like the ones you are ordering esp the black lacy one, only I would want white;)

I have arm flab and have forever, big upper arms run in my family, it is not something I care for either. I also really like a layered look, but not the bulk of wearing two tops. This solves that problem, I like the idea of using the tights, because you can choose from so many other colors~~but the ones you are getting look like they would fit better~~~let us know how they are?

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Little, if any, arm flab.

And when I told our minister on Sunday that I'd be spending quite a lot of time on my knees ...and swung my arm as in casting seeds ...

... she said that she wondered whether I'd be praying.

o j

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Just out of curiosity I was out shopping today and looked to see what variety of tights there was available and was surprised at what I found...certainly enough to make any one happy...

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I would think something tight on my arm would be uncomfy and I would tug at it. It looks nice though. That girl does not have arm flab, you have to let us know your opinion after trying them on.

If you crochet, you could also make a lacey "shrug" that does the same thing and is not form fitting, but to wear on top of clothes rather than under.

I used to love wearing leggings, because when I looked down I thought my legs looked slim. Then I saw a pic of me from behind. Leg jiggle, butt flab, and my hips were wide then a quick taper to ankles - like I was a ball perched on an upside down triangle. I threw out all my leggings right after LOLOLOL!


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Funny Dances...I saw one of those Fashion programs and they were talking about heavy girls wearing leggings or tights and a long top thinking it made them look slim and them were bursting a lot of bubbles saying where on earth did you all come up with that idea...it makes you look like a tootsie pop..which sounds like what you are talking about...can't think of her name but you know the one tall dark with the white streak in her hair right in front with the dorky guy...she said...toss that idea out and don't do it...

I did see a girl at a buffet once in that kind of outfit and on top of all that...she had evident lost a lot of weight and had this flap of skin that hung down and when she lifted her arms it was so obvious it made me feel bad for her...I wondered if she hadn't ever looked in the mirror before she left the house....I guess we have all made gross misjudgements at one time or another ...

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I know a nurse who says that at her hospital they call arm flab, Angel Wings.

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I've heard them referred to as "Bingo Wings". :o)

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Millie, I've always heard them called angel wings, too.

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Great idea Ruthie. I would love some of those in a elbow length. There are so many cute tops out there and they all have short or cap sleeves and I can't wear them. I have one arm that is much bigger than the other from edema and I dread when summer comes and I have to find something nice to wear out.

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I think you could make some Anne...Just go shopping and cut the leggings to any length and hem them to any length...The sheer length you would just have to make a narrow hem or roll the hem and for less the 6 or 7 dollars (US) you'd have a set. I haven't ordered any yet but I am going to do it...

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