I Guess I Forgot to Eat My Wheaties!!

ritaweedaSeptember 2, 2012

I posted about buying the Quilter's Dream Cotton/Poly batting recently. I started working on it today. Well, although this stuff is high-quality, boy, I'm huffing and puffing pushing it around on the machine. I guess it's heavier than what I've worked with before. I vaguely remember someone saying that if you spray something on the surface of the quilting extension it makes it easier to glide but don't remember what it is. Can someone let me know?? And other than taking a 10-minute rest between each of these blocks, are there some other pointers you can give me to keep me out of the ER???

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Anything thin & slippery that you can lay over the extension and in front of & behind the feed dogs (be careful not to cover them) will help. You will have to tape down.
Maybe wax paper will help-not ideal.

They make a clingy slide thing for this purpose. I use mine when I sew binding on by machine to help with the weight.

I would be very afraid of using a spray product.

Here is a link that might be useful: Slider

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There is a spray silicone used just for this purpose. A FMQ class I took insisted on it but I didn't write it down. You spray the bed and it makes it slippery. You might try searching a bit. Your LQS might know.

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I use silicone spray that was gotten in the hardward dept. of a supply store. Works for me, just besure that it is totally dry.

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Thanks for the link Marsha.

Best to you,

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