Remodeling master bath

kats_meowFebruary 5, 2012

We are buying an existing house which has a master bath that is OK but we are inclined to want to remodel some aspects. First the pictures of what is existing and then my thoughts/questions:

The wall that has the vanities and the linen cabinets at each end is sort of OK but have in mind to make following changes:

1. Put in a kneespace in the middle so I have somewhere to sit when I dry my hair (not needed so much for putting on makeup - mostly just to sit while drying hair).

2. Replace cultured marble with granite and 2 undermount sinks.

3. Not sure what to do about mirrors. I like a more contemporary look. i like the 2 mirrors instead of one large mirror. However, I need a mirror when I sit at the kneespace to dry my hair. 3 mirrors might be a bit much so maybe have one large mirror? Thought?

4. Maybe replace the cabinets. I don't really like the existing cabinets and prefer drawers rather than bottom cabinets. If we replaced the cabinets I would probably keep the linen cabs at each end but maybe put laundry hampers in the bottom instead of drawers.

5. Tub - It is jetted and I actually prefer soaking tub. That said, I don't use the tub much so maybe keep it as is. However, the tub and surround is sort of a dark color that I don't like (it looks white in picture but more dark tannish/gray in real life). Maybe I could keep the tub and just put in a tile surround? If I did that would it save money to keep the tub and just change the surround or should I just change the tub as well?

6. Shower - Shower is a nice size. When we were planning to build (decided not to) we were going to have a 2 person shower that had no door and was handicap accessible with no lip on the edge. I think this space is large enough that we could make it handicap accessible (we don't need to accessible now but wanted it just in case for later -- a few years ago I broke my ankle and was in a wheelchair for a few weeks and it was annoying to not be able to get in the shower).

The shower just has one showerhead. If we decided to take out the shower and put in a tiled shower are we stuck with the existing showerhead or could we add a body spray at that time. What about adding a second showerhead on the back wall? If it matters, house is built on a slab.

Basically is it at all feasible without major dollars to add either a body spray (same wall as existing shower head) or second shower head to the back wall or the opposite wall?

Dimensions -

Tub - 60"

From beginning of linen cabinet to end of linen cabinet at the other end - 139" (existing vanity is 91 1/2")

Shower is 55 12/" x 43 1/4" and there is about 14" in front of the shower before the edge of the wall to the left. (Shower is across from the...

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1. Put in a kneespace - I like that and it looks like it's doable given the layout.

2. Replace cultured marble with granite and 2 undermount sinks - Absolutely.

3. Not sure what to do about mirrors. - One large mirror.

4. Maybe replace the cabinets. - I would keep the cabs - they're nice. You can add some after-market slide-out containers under the sinks.

5. Tub - Keep it but add the same color tile as the flooring as a surround.

6. Shower - Doesn't look big enough for dual heads to me. Shower without a curb is a code no-no. If you want to remodel as handicapped, you may find yourself facing a lot of codes for the bathroom and total house that may add up to a big budget-buster.

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Actually shower without a curb is fine where I am. We were recently designing a house we were going to build and we were going to have 2 showers without a curb. You just have to slope the shower properly. We decided not to build so thought we would give up on the curbless shower. However, this particular shower is already very sloped and recessed so it should be doable to make it curbless. Shower is 55" long.

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