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carol23_gwSeptember 25, 2009

This is probably an unusual circumstance. We paid off our mortgage in 2004. We hired an attorney to handle the necessary paperwork to sell our home in 2009.

Wells Fargo sent us a payoff notice in 2004. The page number recording our payoff appeared on their letter as a transposition.( something like page 503 when it should have been 530)

The attorney faxed them many times without a reply. He telephoned them. He then wrote a letter and mailed it certified.

It was costly to us to pay for the attorney's time for a mistake obviously made by a clerk at Wells Fargo.

I am thinking of visiting a local Wells Fargo office to complain and see if I can be reimbursed for the problem caused by them.

What is your opinion?

The cost to us was $ 541.50 .

Wells Fargo finally sent the "Corrective Satisfaction of Mortgage"

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I think you would have saved yourself $541.50 had you called and asked for the process and followed it. The bank made a mistake- they happen. You didn't need a lawyer to get it done, and in fact, the lawyer probably slowed the process down.

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You might go to a loan officer at the Wells Fargo, but you may have already paid the savings in attorney fees.

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Exactly what was wrong with having a bad page number on the payoff notice? As long as the house had a clear title it shouldn't make a difference. I think you need a lawyer who won't use such flimsy excuses to run up his billable hours.

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I'm sorry Wells Fargo was so inept about handling your complaint, and that your attorney wasn't very helpful either.

If this were me, I'd be inclined to visit the Wells Fargo office with an investigative reporter in tow.

If you google "Wells Fargo, complaints", you will see about 500,000 hits.

Small wonder.

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dreamgarden, thank you. I think that is exactly what I should do.

I'm not accepting blame for a bunch of problems created by Wells Fargo. Why couldn't they reply to a dozen or more faxes? Why couldn't they reply to the telephone call?
The first error is human. The rest is sloth and/or mismanagement.

I am not pleased that the attorney charged so much but I was a few states away during that time.

It should have taken only a few minutes of the attorney's time had Wells Fargo acted appropriately with normal business practices.

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Let us all know how the news story goes...

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Interesting. I had a similar (maybe same) situation with WF... My mortgage had been satisfied during a prior refinance....then I went to sell an encontered a problem in the way the satisfaction was recorded. But, the extra work that my attorney did was covered in his fee to represent me on the sale of my house.

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Unfortunately, "MISTAKES" are part and parcel of the real estate process. My realtor made some major mistakes which resulted in losing the best market timing (of course, I hired him so I just have to consider this expense for my own stupidity.

My mother's house had some wrongly recorded issues which had to be corrected by an attorney (costly, costly)

Good luck to you, but I think that almost every one ends up paying to correct these issues.

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