Phooey, machine problems

gininmnSeptember 27, 2010

DH and I hope to leave for our vacation and the NC quilt retreat either this Wednesday or Thursday but now I'm wondering if we'll need to delay our departure. I've been trying to get little projects done or ready to bring with me but, as usual, have run into some problems. The retreat isn't until next week but DH and I planned leisurely trip to North Carolina with stops and sightseeing along the way. As is usual for me, I'm behind because other projects unrelated to the retreat stuff took longer than anticipated and or just had to be done (ripened tomatoes from our garden). I got several things out of my hair on Friday and started sewing this weekend only to discover that my sewing machine is acting up. Sounds like the motor is straining or skipping when I slow faster than a snail's pace. It's a fairly old machine (in its mid40s) and other than cleaning and oiling, it hasn't been serviced in a long, long time. I was sewing a jeans apron a couple of weeks ago and sewed over some very thick seams with obvious difficulty. I hope I can get it into a repair shop right away and that it simply needs for a new belt.

This morning DH saw an ad on Craigslist just posted last night for a featherweight (I've been looking for a while). It's in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) area. Ad says it runs but needed work. I've emailed about it just now. We could route through there, not much further, so I'm really hoping!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that "old reliable" turns out to be so and that maybe the FW is available and works okay to use "as is". I'd appreciate any positive thoughts you care to send my way too.


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I just restored one here and will help you at retreat. I've sent you an e-mail offline.

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There will be several people at the retreat with featherweight experience. I'm not included in that number, but I'll help if I can.

Enjoy your vacation trip to the retreat, we'll see you soon.


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The problem with my existing old Singer is fixed. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that the repairman simply tightened the wheel screw further and then no skipping. Maybe it's getting worn or the heavy stitching caused wear in the clutch (or whatever the mechanism is called)or I just had an recent onset of hand weakness because I definitely had tightened it the same as I've been doing for 40++ years after I used the bobbin winder. But I'm happy it's working fine.

I got your email, toolgranny, and I feel better about possibly buying a FW on the fly because of your and Beverly's experience. I've gotten some info from the owner and she had said she'll provide me with a bit more tonight (& pictures of stitching) when she gets home tonight. DH saw another CL ad this morning, again in Twin Cities area, so I emailed about that one ($75 less than the other) and am awaiting a reply to my inquiry. I'm still hopeful one or the other will pan out.


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