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deborah7425February 17, 2010

Our mentally challenged son has moved back in with us into our small retirement home, so we're in the process of turning the previous attached garage into a bedroom, den for DH, a hallway to the new garage, and a small bathroom. Any suggestions with lighting, flooring, storage, electricity would be Greatly appreciated before DH puts up the walls and insulation. Hope my hand sketched diagram makes sense; we couldn't afford an architect.

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Try posting the sketch again.

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A friend's son was similarly diagnosed. Rather than institutionalizing him, his siblings begged that he be raised at home. A big problem the parents had was damage to the home. Once the son found that he could easily put a hole in drywall, he would start poking and persist till whole walls had to be replaced--only to have the process start over. But if your son has been living on his own, or successfully in a group home, hopefully this is not an issue.

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Is your son able to help with the construction work? (Ours does and is actually very helpful.) Unless your son's issues are unusual (flourescent light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, known anxieties) the only other suggestions I would have would be the same as for any other living space -- materials that are easy to clean and hard to damage. I especially like natural materials that age well -- solid oak, brick, etc.

Since it sounds like he's an adult, the type of design that allows him as much privacy and independence as he can safely handle would be appreciated.

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