What is the style rule of thumb when ordering hinges

chefwongJune 7, 2012

Square Edges, vs 1/2 vs 3/8 Corner Radius...

I'm also doing some in a concealed hinge setup...which is a easy choice.

The corner treatment of the hinge style has got me baffled..

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We replaced all of our interior doors and used square edge hinges. Personal preference really. The doors were pre-hung doors, and shipped with brass, radius corner hinges. We ordered antique nickel hinges to match the antique nickel doorknobs we'd gotten for the doors, so we got to choose the hinge corner style we liked.

When DH removed the "shipping" hinges, he easily notched out the corners of the "cut-outs" (technical term escapes me!) with a small chisel, I think. The new hinges fit perfectly.

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Cat mom - the mortises.

Having things like this in my head is probably why I can't remember anything important...(anybody want to hear a Jello commercial from 1954...?)

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I went ahead and ordered the square edge ones. It just made sense when I looked at it. I hope the CEO doesn't see how much I paid for these concealed hinges ;-) but they are ever so nice

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Thanks bronwynsmom!!! I am a fountain of trivia as well. Didn't know the word for that though!

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You're welcome, cat-mom -

Chefwong, I'm gad you chose the square - very much more classic - the round edged ones always scream "builder standard" to me.

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