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revjulieApril 12, 2014

Hello Kitchen-lovers,
After lurking for a couple years, I know how valuable your layout help can be. We bought our 1960 tri-split house almost three years ago, and have been saving for our kitchen renovation. Ready to get going and would like some layout advice. There are two teenagers and two adults in the family. One primary cook, but can be several cleaning up. We all seem to be crammed in one corner before mealtime, setting the table, getting drinks, washing hands. We are not using the area labeled "breakfast area" well, and want to eliminate a table here and use that wall instead for the fridge, pantry and coffee. Stove would also move, leaving a large workspace and pass-through on the dining wall. We are not looking to get rid of the load-bearing wall between the kitchen and dining area, but want a large opening with bar seating on the dining side. I'm posting the current floor plan, and then some computer drawings we have done. We have a preliminary layout from the contractor we might use, but it has the sink on an angle and I don't like that. I won't include that picture for now. Would love your thoughts.

Current layout

Our computer plan

Computer rendering

New fridge position view

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How far is it between fridge and sink in the new plan?

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Is that an outside or inside door at the top of the plan? If so can that be moved?

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lori_inthenw: It would be 13 feet from sink to fridge in new plan. Not ideal, but we walk that far now to our pantry and are used to it. We like the idea of getting the foot traffic to the water and ice in the fridge door out of the cooking zone.

debrak2008: The door at the top of the original plan used to be an outside door, but a previous owner enclosed that outdoor porch and the door now goes to a short hallway to the new outside door, with an attached mudroom. Not movable on our budget, unfortunately. It is our primary entrance into the house from the driveway.

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If you don't mind the walk to the fridge I think it is a pretty good pan. I would maybe think about a little basket/cart that you could load with your fridge stuff when you are setting up for prep and save yourself running back and forth. You can stash the cart/whatever when not in use.

I would also consider putting the microwave in your coffee area, on a shelf below one of the upper cabinets. Then you have that much more space around your stove.

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I looks good, but it's really nt terribly efficient to have either the refrigerator or the coffee setup (or microwave) so far from a water source. Is that wall going to be plumbed for the refrigerator (ice)? If so, you might consider adding a small sink there.

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There is laundry nearby on that same wall, so we will add water to the fridge. We have thought about a small sink there.

Wondering if the sink should stay where it is. Our contractor seemed bothered by the sink not being centered under the double window. It's never bothered us. I think that's why her drew a plan with it angled. I've attached that here. I just don't like the angles, and I think the dishwasher looks very cramped in this position. Thoughts on the corner sink idea?

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I have always felt that a sink angled in the corner like that is a waste of space. Look at all that room behind it. And if you want to handwash dishes, it is a terrible, awkward position to set up a drying rack.

Additionally, once that dishwasher opens you will not have access to the sink to load dishes.

IF you choose to keep the angled sink, it will be imperative to swap the DW with the cab to its right.

Frankly, I would rather look out the window even off-center. Why look at the corner when there is a window to your right and family activity to the left?

Have you guessed yet that I think your GC's decision is a poor one, lol?

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I am not a layout guru at all, so I'm sure someone else will come up with way better suggestions.

But what about moving the sink so the user is looking through the new opening to to dining room. That gets it closer to the refrigerator. Move the dishwasher with it. And move the microwave next to the refrigerator. Then add a prep sink to the refrigerator area.

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I was thinking the same as crl. I am not usually a fan of primary sinks on peninsulas, islands and pass-throughs, but in your case, I think it would make the kitchen much more efficient. You would spend most of your time prepping, really, and could have a great expanse of space looking out the window in the perfect prep location between sink and range. Plus, it would get the sink closer to the fridge and coffee/snack zone. I would then put the DW to the left of the sink so it is not in the way of the person prepping. That also makes the cabs above the coffee station perfect for mugs, glasses, maybe even dishes. More convenient to DW, fridge, snacks, and for setting the table.

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I would not do an angled sink. I think it would be OK to have the sink centered on one of the panes of the window rather than the entire window.

I think if the far-away fridge feels like it would work for you, it's worth considering. A designer did that and discusses it here:

I feel like the uppers on the window wall are crowding your window in the first rendering.

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I will second that the uppers by the window look like they are crowding it. I would eliminate them or change them to shallow open shelves if possible.

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